Friday, July 11, 2014

High Fives--The Non Clean Eating Edition

Today I'm handing out some high fives to some delicious looking treats! Lately I've been trying to clean up my diet. The hope is to start shedding some of the baby weight, but even if I don't, I'd love to feel better at least. While I've been cleaning up my eating, some treats are calling my name. I bring you today, 5 recipes that keep me from ever committing to a lifetime of clean eating.

*And yes, this means there is a clean eating version in the works as well...

 *My first recipe comes from my all-time favorite dessert blogger Kristan from Confessions of a Cookbook Queen. Not only are her recipes mouth watering, but she is hilarious. As in, I've forwarded her posts to my mom several times because she makes me laugh. It's hard to make me laugh, so really you should probably check her out. She also blogs about makeup, reading, and her adorable kids. As a major Girl Scout Samoa fan, I definitely have to try these Samoa Brownies, after all...I didn't get any cookies this year.

*This Ultimate Gooey Caramel Brownie Mug Cake Sunday (whew, say that five times fast) will literally make your mouth water just looking at it. Click on over and see for yourself. I think this is probably one of the best looking desserts I have ever seen, I am dying to know if it tastes just as good. 

*It was love at first sight with these I Just Got Dumped Brownies. These brownies are the opposite of clean (and therefore to die for) with cookie dough, brownie, caramel, Oreos, and chocolate ganache. 

* What attracted me to this Death by Chocolate Brownie Cake was the fact that it's a cake made with both cake mix and brownie mix. I'm thinking that would taste just heavenly. 

*And since I have posted only chocolate desserts (because, hello!) I will include these Fresh Peach Dumpling Roll-Ups. They seem simple and delicious. I would like one (or two) served with a little ice cream! 

If you have or know of products/blog posts that deserve a "High Five" I would love to hear about it/them! Send me an email at mynewlinesblog {at}gmail {dot}com.

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