Friday, July 25, 2014

High Fives

Just handing out some "High Fives"--you need to check out the following:

*A lot is misunderstood in the LDS (Mormon) faith. Grace is one of the things at the top of that list. This talk by Brad Wilcox is a favorite! It really explains how grace works and clears up some misconceptions that those inside and out of the church may have.  I discovered it years ago and still listen to it. It's that good.

*And in case you missed Tanika's post from our Girl Talk series, check it out. I loved it so much, I'm linking it here again.

* Since finding out I was going to be a mom/becoming a mom something I've really worried about is the world's acceptance of pornography. Aside from my religion's viewpoint on pornography, I have always (since a very young age) have felt that pornography was wrong. With growing access and acceptance to videos and pictures I worry about raising a child in this world sometimes. Fight the New Drug is one of my new favorite causes. They don't talk moral right/wrongness about pornography, they just state the facts. Pornography works like a drug and there are many many reasons not to use it. I love that they are turning their cause into something fun/cool/something to be proud of.

*I've been planning more specific date nights at home (as per my July marriage and relationship goals). This weekend we are going to do some stargazing in our own backyard. I am adding a little addition to our plans. We're also going to complete a everse burcket list together. I love this idea and think it would be really good right now when we're going through so many changes and it feels like we're not accomplishing much every day aside from taking care of JaiseAnn and paying bills.

*Don't forget to enter the giveaway from, stop by and tell me whether or not you'd have a camera in the delivery room. 

If you have or know of products/posts/etc. that deserve a "High Five" I'd love to hear about it/ them!  Send me an email at mynewlinesblog {at} gmail {dot} com.

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