Monday, July 7, 2014

Marriage and Relationship Monthly Goal {Link Up}--July

I am so excited to be co-hosting the July Marriage and Relationship Monthly Goal Link Up with Amberly! This is something that I really think will help me focus on my marriage and make some needed improvements. 

Since having a baby a lot of areas in our marriage have improved and our love has definitely grown stronger (I definitely plan to include a post on that). There are also areas that could definitely use some improvement as we've adjusted to this change. I think that this month, setting some goals will really help me (us) make and see improvements. 

My goals for this month are:

1. Sacred Date Night

Our childbirth educator used the phrase "sacred date night" more times than I can count when talking about how a relationship changes after a baby. She really encouraged couples to make time for each other and to make that time count. Date night wasn't something that could be pushed aside or waited on. Zach and I would often talk about how we would make sure we had our "sacred date night." Now that we're parents, we do have certain days of the week that we've made sure are just us and we hold good on that. Usually, though, those special nights are spent curled up watching our favorite show on the couch. Sometimes we play a favorite card or board game. 

This month, I plan to really plan for 4 date nights (one per week). All will be  at home date nights. I've pinned a lot of at home ideas, but I've yet to use any. I haven't been willing to put the time or energy into making those plans. This month I will! I'm really excited about this goal and really can't wait to report back to you and hopefully pass some ideas along! 

2. The Little Things

From the time we were first married, Zach and I knew how important the little things were. I always packed his lunch, sent him texts, and made his favorite treats every so often. Zach would send me texts, bring me hot chocolate (my favorite) to work, and pick up my favorite treat at the store sometimes...all just because

Lately, I've been haphazard in remembering the little things. This month, I plan to diligently make time for the little things and really retrain myself to respect their importance. 

3. Worry About Myself

I'm going to be very honest here, neither Zach or I are in the best shape these days. Marriage (and baby for me mostly) has done a number on our diets and our bodies. I am not comfortable in my body right now. I'm not happy with it and I'm not happy with the way I've been treating it. I tend to take that unhappiness out on Zach as well. I pick at his diet, exercise, and problem areas. (I know! How awful. He would never do that to me). While I really do want Zach to be healthier for many reasons, I pick at him mostly because I'm unhappy with me. 

This month I am going to work on MY diet and exercise and keep my mouth shut. (This will be a challenge for me). Hopefully by working on myself, I won't be so unhappy and take it out on him. I'm also hoping that by keeping quiet for a while and working on me, Zach might find some motivation of his own. We'll see. This will be hard. I'm going to work on not slipping up with over indulgences--this time my motivation for not doing it will be my marriage not my body. I'm wondering if that will make a difference?

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