Monday, October 20, 2014

10 Dates Under $10

Believe it or not, this post was inspired by my brother. He took a girl on a date recently that I fell in love with (see below) it was fun, inexpensive, and allowed time to talk (oh and it involved ice cream, too) so it was a win in my book. I got to thinking about it and I realized that while big themed dates are fun, sometimes the simple, inexpensive dates are the ones that allow for the most memories. Maybe it's because we tend to spend more time focusing our energy on our partner than on executing the date as per the theme.

I picked my own brain and the brains of some other bloggers to bring you these 10 Dates Under $10.

*Amberly suggests making dinner together and watching a Redbox movie.
Here are some ideas for meals that are fun to make together:
     -Breakfast for Dinner

*Tour your town--if you search for tourist attractions in your town or a nearby town, you'll likely find activities and attractions that you've never visited before. Choose one or two and play tourists for the day/evening.

* Go on a hike! This is a date I want to enjoy when the weather warms up again. I'd love to go on a hike with Zach and then enjoy a picnic dinner at the top!

*Madison loves grabbing ice cream from a favorite place and talking. If you want to have an intentional conversation, try some topics or conversation starters like this and this.

* Christmastime is just around the corner. One of my favorite winter dates is grabbing hot chocolate and walking around downtown while looking at Christmas lights and decorations.

*This dollar store date from The Dating Divas has been on my dating bucket list for a while now...

*Zach and I have enjoyed taking a few dollars to a local arcade. We usually use the money to play air's even more fun when stakes are involved.

* Float the river or play at a nearby lake and grab snowcones or shakes to help you cool down after spending a day outside.

*Grab some ice cream at your nearest Walmart (or the ice cream place closest to your nearest Walmart), find a perfect parking place at Walmart and spend your evening people watching. This is the date my brother came up with and it just sounds so fun!

*Hitting the movie theatre is always a treat. Try your local dollar theatre for great deals. Many of ours in the Boise area offer great deals on food/movie snacks as well.

Do you have any inexpensive favorite dates to add? I'd love to hear them!

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