Friday, October 3, 2014

High Fives--Five Clean Eating Treats to Try

During my pregnancy I indulged a bit too much in processed foods and refined sugars--much more than I had grown accustomed to. The biggest culprits? Pop Tarts and Costco muffins. It was over the top and ridiculous. After JaiseAnn was born, I continued eating those treats, but much more frequently. I think sleep deprivation combined with stress and being home all day (hello, no students watching me binge eat treats)--well it's spiraled out of control. I have never (not even in high school) been so out of control with my sugar eating.

It's become a true addiction, I swear. I am working on slowly weaning myself off of the sugar a little at a time. I'm actually using some of these tips for breaking the soda habit to help break my sugar habit.

I have a major sweet tooth, though. So I've got to still have some are some cleaner treats that I cannot wait to try!

*These pumpkin cinnamon rolls from one of my favorite healthy bloggers--Chocolate Covered Katie, are perfect for welcoming fall.

*I'm not a banana fan, so I'm not a banana split fan BUUUUUUUUT, this vegan banana split recipe from Oh She Glows includes a chocolate sauce sweetened with dates that looks and sounds amazing. I'd love to try it.

*I don't eat candy bars often anymore, but my absolute favorite candy bar is a Snickers bar. Another favorite healthy blog of mine is Minimalist baker...and these 5 Ingredient Vegan Snickers Bars sound incredible.

*Zach loves no bake cookies. I always have as well. Since JaiseAnn is such a poor sleeper, they've become a favorite dessert to make after she goes to bed--they are a minimal noise treat to prepare and that's high priority at our house. These Melt in Your Mouth Clean No Bake Bars sound like something we need to try sooner than later.

*Larabars are one of my favorite healthy go-to snacks. I can't really keep them on hand because I eat them all at once. They can run kind of pricey, so I'd love to make a bunch of Homemade Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Larabars and see how long they last.

Do you have any favorite clean eating treats? I'd LOVE it if you shared the recipe. (If I get enough, I'll publish a Part 2 to this post and be sure to credit you!)

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