Friday, October 17, 2014

High Fives--Life with Amberly and Joe

Today I'm giving all of my fives to Amberly. She's the blogger behind Life with Amberly and Joe and not only is she awesome, but she runs an incredible sponsorship program. If you are looking for a blog to sponsor, here are five reasons you should give hers a shot:

1.Genuine Connections

I had a blog before this blog and I met Amberly back then. I connected with her then, but lost touch when I left the blogging world. When I started following back along and commenting, Amberly remembered me. When I told her that I was going to start blogging again, she responded with encouragement and excitement. Amberly cultivates true relationships with her readers and makes connections. It is what drew me to Amberly's blog in the first place after one or two visits and it is what made me want to sponsor her at the beginning of my blogging journey, especially since I was looking to cultivate relationships as well.

Because she cultivates genuine relationships with her readers, her readers trust her. Real dialogue takes place on Amberly's blog and her other forms of social media. She runs a successful monthly link up and a marriage and relationship book study. All of these forms of communication will help you get your name out there by a trusted source. 

2.Motivated by Her Topic

Amberly's blog is a Marriage and Relationship Blog. She has found a niche and she doesn't stray from it. This helps you as a sponsor know what kinds of post would best fit her blog if you are guest posting or sponsoring for promoted posts. Knowing a blogger's niche makes it easier to pick a topic and make connections with the readers from that blog as you already know what that group of readers is interested in. 

3.She Has Your Best Interest at Heart

When I sent Amberly a guest post for her blog, she originally asked me to change it. She wanted something that would better fit the interests of her readers and would give me the maximum time on her blog. I appreciated her bravery and honesty. She was willing to work with me as I sent a different post her way.

4. The Extra Mile

I have seen Amberly comment on other blogs a few times where she will leave a comment with another blogger's post URL in the comment. That takes extra effort and time and most of those bloggers probably do not even know that Amberly took the time to promote their posts. I admire Amberly so much for her willingness and desire to promote other bloggers and help others build connections. 

When I first wanted to start my Girl Talk posts, I emailed Amberly and explained the concept and asked if she would be interested. Not only did she agree to be a part of the series, but she sent several other bloggers my way. I started my Girl Talk series in June and was able to make it through to November  as a brand new blogger thanks to Amberly's help. I never asked her to do that (I had honestly not even thought about that) but she offered and I benefited very much from that offer.

5. Options

There are many different options available for Amberly's sponsorship program. You can find a fit that's best for you. Amberly will continuously check in on your throughout your sponsorship and will  constantly be seeking for the best way to help you promote your content. 

Have you tried sponsoring other blogs? What types of programs have you found successful?

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