Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Strange Food Combinations

You know those people who cannot let their food touch? I am not one of them. Most of the time I choose side dishes in a hope to mix my food. I almost always mix my food.

I'm baring my soul in sharing these with you. Honestly. Zach is the only one who has seen me devour some of these things in times of desperation. He often thinks it's a bit gross, but usually recovers. He is almost always willing to try one of my weird food combinations.  I've found some pretty strange food combinations that I just love. Here are just a few

strange food combinations

*Chocolate and Chips
In high school I loved to combine a Hershey Kiss with a Nacho Cheese Dorrito. Then I fell in love with chocolate covered potato chips and that combination went out the door. I just love the sweet/salty melty/crunchy combo of chocolate and potato chip. They can be time consuming to make and pretty pricey to buy. If you're in the mood but low on time/money, just eat a few chocolate chips and a potato chip at the same time.

*A Wendy's Frosty and..Anything
I know a lot of people who dip their fries in their Frostys. It's that sweet/salty deliciousness mentioned above with different textures. I take it to the next step, though. I dip my chicken nuggets in my Frosty and love it even more. I have even dipped a cheeseburger in my Frosty..and I liked it.

*I LOVE Honey
I put honey on a lot of strange things...If I order chicken nuggets anywhere other than Wendy's or eat chicken strips at home (weird conditions I know) I dip them in honey. If I bake skinless chicken, I often pair it with honey. I also eat funeral potatoes with a mixture of honey and ranch dressing.

*Potato Chips on a Sandwich
I am not a big chip person, but if I'm at a pot luck or BBQ where chips are available, I will usually pile chips on my sandwich or hot dog. The softness of the bread combined with the crunchy chip is just to die for. I'm a texture person when it comes to food and I like the different textures when adding chips to a sandwich.

*Chicken and Rice Casserole with Jellied Cranberry Sauce
One of my very favorite meals is incredibly unhealthy and offers no nutritional's this chicken and rice casserole that my grandma used to make. It's topped with cheese and potato chips. I have to eat that casserole with copious (and I mean copius) amounts of jellied cranberry sauce. It's a texture thing and a salty sweet thing.'s the thing...If you are like me, I want to know what strange food combination I must try! Give me something good. I've got great plans in store for this, so spread the word. Send me as many ideas as you can! I can't wait to read them (and try them!)

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