Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Old Lines: Being a Wife

This post is adapted from a post originally written on November 3, 2011. 

Five years ago, I took on a new role. I became a wife. More importantly, I became Zach's wife. The term "wife" was definitely not always appealing to me. It just sounded so mechanical. Like a business partnership. It sounded dry, stale, and even stuck to me. It didn't have the same appeal as girlfriend or seemed so permanent and in my mind, doomed. (I am a romantic at heart, but before Zach came along, my heart had been given a good beating and although I wanted to believe in the kind of love that I had with Zach, a part of me was scared to...I didn't want to get disappointed again.)

When Zach entered my life, he changed my perspective on so many things. He continues to change my perspective on many things, including being someone's wife.

Life as Zach's wife means:

-I always have a pair of big flannel pajama bottoms to wear to bed. Yes, Zach's t-shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, and pajama bottoms are found on my body at least four times a week. I love wearing his stuff. It's a natural comfort to me. It's one of those hidden thrills that comes along with "belonging to someone."

-I can get a shoulder massage any time I need one. He can get rid of any ache I ever have whether it's a headache, my hip, or an achy knee after running this summer.

-I am being taught patience. Zach literally has no sense of urgency. It's a love/hate characteristic for me. It's mildly amusing at times and infuriating at others. However, he is an extremely patient man because of that and I learn from his patience daily. (Clearly I'm a SLOW learner).

-I always have a partner for an adventure.

-I am privy to the best cuddling at any given time. Zach is the best cuddler (not that I have much experience) but I feel like he is. Even if we're facing opposite directions, he will tuck his feet around mine. I can wake him up at any time to cuddle me (usually after a bad dream or something) and he will.

-I always have help with the dishes, housework, cooking, etc.

-I always get a phone call asking if I need anything before he comes home from work or school, without fail, every night. I've taken him up on it a few times. The fact that he offers and then follows through at 11:00 at night when he left the house at 8 a.m. and he doesn't complain just goes to show you how easy life is as this guy's wife.

-I have a hand to hold for every prayer whether it's at dinner time at my parents' house, during sacrament meeting at church, or at home. He reaches for my hand every time and every time, my heart melts. Every time.

marriage quotes

-Someone has my back at all times. I'm sassy and opinionated and that has gotten me in trouble on more occasions than I can count in all aspects of my life. This is no exaggeration. He never faults me. Ever. He is behind me 100% In addition, I am an impatient woman with a horrid temper. Some days I lack motivation to do pretty much anything. All of these things can leave me feeling pretty bad about myself. Zach will come home and I'll explain how I either a). lost my temper that day b). was impatient that day c). Didn't cook, clean, read scriptures, exercise, etc.. or d). all of the above and he never...and I mean never lets me feel bad about myself for a second. His arms immediately wrap around me and he just lets me be. He just loves me. No strings attached. And boy, does that feel good! I know that there are times that he probably couldn't say the same for me which brings me to my next point.

-I have something to learn every single day. Zach's heart is in the right place all of the time. He's truly a special and unique person. He loves the way people are supposed to love. Before I met Zach, I thought I had the market cornered on loving people. Being married to Zach has taught me that I have the market on feeling love for people...actively loving them, I have a whole lot to learn.

-I am spoiled. I am blessed. I have more than I will ever be worthy of.

-I thank my Heavenly Father on a daily basis for sending me the most amazing man and making it possible for me to be with him for eternity.

Life as Zach's wife has been the most pleasant surprise I could imagine.

Now I associate the term "wife" with words like adored, loved, beautiful, important, appreciated, and friend.

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