Monday, December 8, 2014

High Fives--My Five Favorite Instagram Accounts to Follow

Today I'm sharing five of my favorite Instagram accounts. These are either accounts I follow to support their cause or to find inspiration/useful tips and tricks.

Healthy is the New Skinny (blog found here)
Katie runs this account. She is a model who was told she was too "big" to be a regular model and too small to be a plus-sized model--so she started her own company. She shares unedited photos along with inspirational thoughts about healthy body image. She even shares occasional examples of how the current modeling world and media send us messages that we are not enough. I can honestly see a change in how I view things. I hear things and see things now that I didn't before and it's become liberating.  

Ask the Mamas 
I found this account while browsing one day and I'm so happy that I did. This account allows for moms to message or email questions. Those questions (though not all of them, I've sent two and neither one was posted) are then posted to Instagram in the hopes of getting advice from other moms. There are all sorts of questions on there--about sleep, allergies, discipline, milestones, specific medical procedures, and more. I have found it to be a very helpful and (for the most part) positive community. 

Fight the New Drug (blog found here)
From the first time I saw pornography (which was at an entirely too young age) I knew it was wrong. I just inherently knew. As I grew older I began to understand why and I felt even more strongly about it. In college I often said that I would love to spend my life working to discourage the practice of pornography. I honestly and truly said that. There were many people who remarked that that would never happen. That it couldn't happen. That it was a lost cause. Well, FTND is doing just that. They are sharing the truth about pornography. They share blog posts, sell clothing with messages on it, present at local high schools, and build a community of fighters. They tell the truth about what pornography does to the brain, what it does to relationships, and what it does to society--it's not just opinion--they share facts. I support their messages so much and I cannot wait to get my hands on a t-shirt. I will not be ashamed to wear it.  You need to visit them!

Dave Ramsey
With me only working part-time (very part-time) from home, our budget is tight.  Even still, we have a goal to very slowly work ourselves out of debt. I love following Dave Ramsey on Instagram, he gives me a little hope and motivation each and every day. He shares couples that are debt free doing their "We're debt free!" shout--which is always inspiring. He also has daily motivational tips.

Thrifty Littles (blog found here)
This is another account for the moms. This site is run by another mom who finds daily deals (often multiple times a day) on baby/toddler gear and toys. She posts more deals on her blog, but she always shares a few finds on Instagram. Her acccount has not only helped me find a great deal on a water table for JaiseAnn, but it has introduced me to products I never knew about. Follow her and you might find yourself ready in advance for Christmas/birthdays next year!

What are some of your favorite Instagram accounts?

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