Friday, December 12, 2014

Why I Still Pack My Husband's Lunch

Not all love notes are written. In fact, very few are. Little gestures and actions add up daily and show those around us how we feel about them. Some days I feel like I really nail showing my little family how much they mean to me and other times I fail. I fail miserably.

But there's one thing I do almost every single day that takes very little time and shows my husband that I care about him. My one way of telling Zach that I love him, that I appreciate him, that I still want to take care of him in spite of being an overly tired and overwhelmed new mom is by packing his lunch.

practices of happily married couples

For five years almost, I have packed Zach's lunch. He never once asked me to. I don't do it because I feel it is my "duty" as a wife. I don't do it because he won't do it for himself. I don't do it because I feel obligated in any way. I do it because I feel like sending a little bit of care and thought with him every day as he goes off to work. To me, a homemade lunch sends a bit of home with whoever is taking it.

But something I've found through this act is that often the little acts of service for your spouse are just as much for the person giving the service as for the one receiving. There are a few main benefits to packing my husband's lunch:

It's Hard to be Angry
There are days that I wake up and am still mad at Zach about something and I vow that I will not make his lunch today. That will really show him. But then I think about him heading to work without that little small token. And I think about myself cooling down in a few more hours and suddenly the day seems like a long time to go without that little act. So I make his lunch and while I'm doing that, I usually feel my heart soften. I think about him working hard for our family and the sacrifices that he makes and it really does help. 

Always on My Mind
The routine of packing my husband's lunch over the first few years of our marriage was beneficial when he started working the night shift. He would miss dinners so rather than packing sandwiches (which would have been easier), I stayed one dinner ahead of schedule so that he would always have dinner to take with him to work that night. Because I had to stay on my game and make his meals while he was asleep or already at work for the night. He was always on my mind and I had to make this little act a priority as it was one of the only things I could do for him on the days that he worked. 

There's a peace in consistency. I love that Zach knows he can expect a lunch from me every day and that he knows that I do it because I love him. (And he does know that. He thanks me every day for his lunches). The consistency keeps us thinking about each other and it keeps us grateful. Consistent acts of love do add up to a constant love note. 


I don't actually pack Zach's lunch in a paper bag. We're all about minimal waste and spending around here. Instead, he has a reusable lunch box that I pack every day. I use glass or plastic containers for some of his things, but I also have these reuseable lunch sacks from HustleMama.

 They are affordable and the perfect size for sandwiches or other similarly sized items. She makes snack bags as well. I suggest checking out her shop.

Do you pack lunches for your family? What little acts do you do (or do others do) to show daily love?

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