Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Confessions of Confident Women--Dress Great/Feel Great

One thing that I have always felt is that if you dress in clothing you like and feel good in, you will feel good. I feel like I make more balanced choices when I take care get ready for the day and feel good about how I look. After JaiseAnn was born I told myself that I would not buy any new clothes until I lost the weight. I refused to buy new and bigger sizes. I was three months postpartum and I was wearing baggy shirts and sweatpants every day---occasionally I'd don a maxi skirt.

Eventually I came to accept that fact that this was my body for now. It wasn't permamnet but I was a new size at this time. I could lose weight down the road, but I wanted a few items I felt good in. And so I went shopping. I feel so much better getting dressed in clothes that fit and still look nice. It makes me feel good about myself and helps me feel confident. That confidence allows me to make better choices in how I take care of myself throughout the day.

To sum it up, wear what makes you feel good and confidence follows.

When eShakti offered to send me an custom-made item of clothing to review, I was ecstatic. This company offers the exact kind of service and products that help woman to feel good about themselves and the clothes that they wear.

Let me explain some awesome things about ordering clothes through eShakti:
*You can customize your clothing to your measurements--the item you pick can literally be made just for you for $7.50 extra. That's an amazing service at an amazing price. Clothes tailor made to fit you are going to flatter your figure.

*Many pieces on their site include the option to choose sleeve type, neckline,  dress/skirt length, and pockets. For example, I choose to make this skirt below knee length so that I can comfortably chase JaiseAnn around at church and scoop down to pick her up without my dress creeping up. I chose to keep the sleeves sleeveless so that I could change up my outfit with different layering options without too much bulk, and I liked the neckline so I kept it the same as well.  I also chose to keep pockets because I've never had pockets in a dress before and I love that option!

JaiseAnn didn't sleep for more than 4 broken hours the night before this photo shoot. We were both beyond exhausted, but I'm still smiling. I still felt really good when I got dressed on Sunday.
*You can purchase items that are not custom-made, but they are still customizable as far as length, sleeves, and neckline go. They are also made to fit your height.

*Purchases are shipped quickly and the products are high quality. My dress is very durable, which is perfect for a dress that will see a lot of movement, floor time, and outside time.

*eShakti offers women's clothing sizes 0-36W!

*The customer service offered through eShakti is high quality. You will receive timely and kind customer service.

I love this dress. One of my favorite things about my body is that I have a smaller waist and wider hips. I haven't been able to dress to flatter that part of my body, or I haven't made any clothing purchases to flatter that part of my body, since JaiseAnn was born. I love that this dress allows me to feel feminine by highlighting that feature even though I'm carrying extra weight.

I'm carrying extra unwanted weight, but my body still has great features and I deserve to feel good in my clothes, we all do. I love that this company allows women of all shapes and sizes to feel good in their own sin right now with customized, quality clothes. Good clothing is a key to confidence.

Feel confident in YOUR new outfit from eShakti. They are offering a special discount to My New Lines readers. Just enter the code mynewlines for 10% off. Enjoy!

A big fat THANK YOU to eShakti for providing this dress for review. I truly hope you'll check them out!

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