Friday, January 23, 2015

I Support MLM Sales

I grew up with a with a serious aversion to direct sales. Mary Kay, Amway, and Tupperware people were just silly people trying to "get rich quick." My mom dreaded going to direct sales parties or events. I think this attitude got passed down to me at first. If someone was part of a pyramid scheme, I wanted absolutely nothing to do with it and I avoided them at all costs.

But in the past year or so, I've really come to respect people in direct sales and I have changed my mind about them. If I'm going to make a purchase to clean my house, better my health, or make me feel good about myself, I have two options. I can make local purchases or I can make corporate purchases. One is less expensive and helps the rich get richer. The other costs me more but helps the middle class, hard working family-owned business out. Honestly, all too often the less expensive option gets me.

With MLM/direct sales, however, I can often benefit from the corporate costs and inevitably help the rich get richer, but I also get to help a mom stay home with her kids, pay bills, or buy herself some new clothes. And I can definitely get on board with that. It seems you can honestly buy anything through direct sales these days. My social media feeds (primarily Instagram) are bombarded with posts and sales. These salespeople are passionate and they work hard. They are motivated and excited and a lot of times it's contagious. I find myself feeling more motivated toward my own goals just by following them. And I want to help them reach theirs.

The problem I have right now is that I don't have any extra money. And when I say that, I mean it. I don't have the extra money for a spray tan, or a  Beach Body program, or for the Norwex cleaners that I desperately want to try. It is not my season in life for disposable income, so there are no extras for me. But I love these women and I want to support them.

I've found three ways to support these kinds of programs without spending money:

*Social Media Shares
If the person you know has a blog, share posts on Pinterest and Twitter. Share their Instagram posts with a friend that might be interested by tagging the friend in a comment. Let people know about these opportunities and help spread the word. 

Use the power of your word outside of social media as well. If you know someone who is getting ready for a beach vacation--send them to the person you know who does spray tans. Is someone you know looking for great skin care? Get them in contact with an essential oils or Rodan and Fields representative. Don't forget about those people you know in direct sales when making recommendations---but only if you truly believe in the product and the person. 

Let them know what they are doing right and that you believe in them. Encourage them and cheer them on as they reach new goals and as they shoot even higher. 

And with that, if you need a person for any of the following I would be THRILLED to hook you up, just let me know:

Essential Oils
Weight Loss
Spray Tans
Rodan and Fields Skin Care
Affordable/Cute/Modest Leggings/Dresses/Skirts

What are your feelings on MLM/direct sales?

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