Monday, February 16, 2015

Baby Fever

JaiseAnn is 13 months old (what?!!?). People all around me with children her age (and some younger) are hoping, trying, and already pregnant. I had a friend with a five month old tell me the other day that as soon as her little boy is past the baby stage, she'll want another.

I love babies. And I loved the newborn stage with JaiseAnn (so very much). But I do not have baby fever of any kind right now. Maybe it's because JaiseAnn is so small still. Or maybe because she still has very little hair. Or because she still wakes every two hours. Or because she is still nursing--often. It could very well be all of those things. I think though that the biggest thing is-- I have JaiseAnn fever

Zach and I are both totally obsessed with her. This age is so fun (way more fun than I could have ever imagined). That girl literally makes me laugh from my gut every single day. She is just the most fun I have ever had...and I mean that. We are having a blast with her and I'm falling in love with every new age as she hits it. 

I feel a tiny bit of pressure to start feeling ready for a second child only because I'm already thirty and it took us a while to get pregnant with JaiseAnn. But I'm just not feeling it at this time. I'm hoping that whenever the time comes I will feel ready..and perhaps even more terrified than the first time. 

I hope that I will just know. I have never had a timeline for how many kids I would want and how many years apart they would be. For us, we've always just played the family planning thing by our hearts and it's done well for us so far. As of right now, though, we sure are enjoying being a family of three--right now we feel pretty complete. 

What are your thoughts on family planning or spacing kids apart? How did you know when it was time to start/add to your family? Do you have a baby timeline?

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