Friday, February 13, 2015

How We Met--My Husband's Story

Ok, so I know the title is extremely cheesy, but the story of how Shar and I met is the closest I've ever come to a fairy tale.

For those of you who follow Shar's blog, you'll probably be able to identify me already, but I'll introduce myself.  My name is Zach, and I'm her husband.  She's probably told you way more about me than I would tell you myself, so I won't bore you with many details about me, and I'll cut right to the chase and apologize for being a little bit random and a lot bit wordy.

As always, the best place to start a story is at the beginning... even if you already know the fairy tale ending.

My part of the story begins with the fact that I was married once before.  That's another story I won't get into, but just like any good fairy tale, an unhappy story leads to the happy one.  I was going through a divorce...  well, beginning one.  It had been a rough little while for me, and some friends invited me out for a night of games with some mutual friends from the local singles ward.  I was at the point where I knew my marriage was over, even if the paperwork needed to be finished, so I figured what better way to get things off my mind than play some games with friends and meet new people.

It was General Conference weekend in October (for those of you not familiar with the LDS Church and culture, General Conference is a semi-annual meeting of all Church members around the world to hear from the Prophet and other leaders of the Church).  I had just gotten back into town from taking the rest of the things my soon to be ex-wife left behind when she left me, so I wasn't looking for anything other than a break from the less than sunshiney time I'd been having.  Needless to say, I wasn't prepared for the break that came... But I wouldn't change it for the world.

So back to the story.  My friend Jake invited me to come along with him to this game night/get-together that was being hosted by a girl from the single's ward.  (Mormons use General Conference weekends as an excuse to get together for social things, and so it was this particular weekend.)  I decided to come along and try to enjoy myself, even if I wasn't looking for anything or anyone.  Besides, Jake had been telling me about this girl he'd met there who was really pretty and classy and dressy and wore these awesome heels every week and was smart and funny and pretty...  I figured I'd finally get to see what all the fuss was about.

We arrive at the place and there's already a small gathering of people.  I think I only know 1 person beside Jake, if that.  But, as I walk in the door, I see her. (Well, I really only saw like the back half of her, but it was a good view.  Also, it being just the back half, I didn't know who her was.)  Anyway, we make our way in and we start talking, and somehow, I miss the introductions that are made.  So, soon she and I start flirting.  It's kinda tame, really... She plays poker, which isn't typically a Mormon thing to do - I play poker (she makes fun of me later because I'm not very good... but I'm getting better).  She hates BYU - I hate BYU.  (Sorry BYU fans.)

It goes back and forth this way for about half an hour, if I remember correctly, and then I get a phone call and I'm getting asked who is there to play games.  Since I missed the introductions, I'm asking everyone's name again, and when it gets to her, she pauses slightly before saying "Sharlee" and I pause even longer and I'm more than a little embarrassed as the realization that I've been flirting this entire time with THAT girl that my buddy Jake was excitedly telling me about and I slowly repeat into the phone "Shar-leeee..."

She'll say later that she was sad because she thought that I didn't know her name because I wasn't interested in her.  I'll say later that I'm really sorry man I had no idea I missed the introductions and I didn't mean to.  Jake will say later that it's ok and he could see it happening as it happened and he knew there wasn't anything that was going to change that and it was fun to just watch it happen and then funny to watch my reaction as I realized what I'd done.

  After that, it's pretty much a whirlwind.  More game nights and a card game about guns and beer and life (which is a story in itself, too, since Shar is so against alcohol).  Facebook messages and Church meetings and MORE game nights and Firefly and Rock Band and LoveSac and kickball and poker and LAAAAATE nights and Kisses (if Shar hasn't told this story, I'll be happy to tell it too, at some point)...  And more of all these things, and then finally wedding plans and house hunting and a sealing and family and OUR house and OUR dog and OUR Idaho Pizza and OUR lives together, forever.

And even though there's bumps in the road sometimes, even when we don't see eye to eye, there's no one else I'd rather have by my side through it all than my beautiful, kind, loving, always opinionated, nearly always right, most of the time funny, sometimes as funny as she thinks (JUST KIDDING!), FAVORITE wife.

Thank you for my fairy tale!

Happy Valentine's Day, Shar!  I love you!


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