Monday, February 23, 2015

Whole 30 Results

Before I started the Whole 30 program, I put a lot of thought into the things I was struggling with physically and emotionally. I know personally that my body and spirit are really connected and I have to take care of one in order for the other to thrive. I originally wrote down 7 things I was hoping to see a difference in after starting to eat clean and healthy: loss of weight, loss of inches, visible difference (skin, countenance, weight, etc.), improved sleep (and maybe improved sleep for JaiseAnn which would drastically improve my sleep), less pain in my lower back/hip, curb cravings, and my an overall improvement in my mood. I'm sure you're almost as anxious as I was to find out how it all was affected (if at all) after thirty days--especially if you're considering the Whole 30 program for yourself.

(My goals for self-improvement this year)

whole 30 before and after

Pounds Lost-15
I know. I cannot believe it either. I followed the program rules and did not weigh until the very end which was liberating in all honesty. I was able to soley focus on how I felt over those thirty days and I tried to mentally prepare myself for the possibility of little to no weight loss.  I honestly didn't think I was losing weight until the final week of the program. In thirty days. I promise I didn't start a minute sooner. We had family in town for JaiseAnn's birthday--I binged on pizza, cinnamon roles, ice cream, and more. (Note: some people do not see weight loss like this everybody's body and results differ)

Inches Lost--10
I noticed this the final week as well. My pants/skirts started fitting better and I just felt a little less bulky. I'm not down any pant's sizes or anything just yet, but I am definitely getting closer to fitting into my pre-pregnacy clothes.

As you know, we have sleep issues with JaiseAnn. We co-sleep and she wakes frequently throughout the night. She still wakes frequently throughout the night, but there has been a major improvement. I don't know if I can give Whole 30 the credit for this or just development on JaiseAnn's part. Either way, this past month has been so much better sleep wise for us. I do find that I am sleeping more soundly in general and I think I can thank Whole 30 for that. 
Hip Pain
I'm just going to be honest, I'm writing this on a really good day. I feel good, I'm excited about my progress and things are good. Today I don't have hip pain like I normally do, but it has come and gone throughout the 30 days. I think it's safe to say that there are no foods that are causing my pain. I think it's a substantial injury and I don't think my diet can fix it. I do however, notice that it does get some relief when I am healthier, so that's something.

Do sweets and waffles and rice still sound good? Absolutely. Pizza and cookies still sound amazing and I still plan to eat them. My relationship with food has changed, though, and that's ultimately what I was seeking. I no longer need a treat all day long on the weekends or need to have something while watching a show with Zach at night. I don't feel ruled by food and I don't feel like food rules my life. I'm not irritable when I am hungry and just throw a few almonds into my mouth. I feel satisfied and good. I really wasn't a hundred percent positive that thirty days could really help me really change my relationship with food, but it has. 

Overall Mood
This is probably the best part of it all. I did a lot of reflecting before starting this program, I was definitely feeling a little like the sound and color in my life was muted. I was tired and feeling sad about my weight. Motherhood was wonderful, but I had added worries about my opportunity to continue to stay home with JaiseAnn and I sometimes would spend many parts of my day worrying about things I couldn't control in that moment. When I was finally honest with myself I realized that food (and my over consumption of food that wasn't good for me) was really playing a part in everything. I had hoped that I would find hope, ambition, vibrancy, and more through cutting out all the crap--and I can honestly say I have. 

From here? Where am I going, what's the plan.  

I am halfway to my prepregnancy weight. I am going to adhere to a mostly Paleo diet from here on out. We will avoid snacking on the couch at night (except for maybe on date night) and we will continue to control our eating habits. I will eat primarily Paleo and exercise 5-6 times a week. I will add addtional exercise in the form of walks and runs as I prepare for a 5k. 

When I hit my goal weight and can fit back into my clothes, I plan to still stick to a pretty similar diet at an 80/20 rate. That's the plan for now. 

Are you contemplating a Whole30? What are some results you would most like to see?

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