Wednesday, April 15, 2015

My Thoughts on "Cheat Meals"

Before I had JaiseAnn and even right after I hated the term "cheat meal." I would roll my eyes, be annoyed, or cringe. I felt like people should be able to moderately eat things and not use words like "cheat" in relation to food. "Cheat" has a negative connotation to it and I felt like by using those words, you were in essence shaming yourself for eating.

I still *sort of* feel that way. 

are cheat meals bad for you

But I do have a Cheat Meal board on Pinterest! Yes, it's true. This board is fairly recent for me. My ideal way of living would be to not count how many "good meals" versus "bad meals" I eat. My ideal way of living would be to make a pan of brownies and enjoy a brownie each night...getting the pan to last a whole week. If you're wondering, though, I am nowhere near that ideal at this time. I completed the Whole30 and was in a really good place, but some things happened and stress literally started eating away at me. I started to feel as lost as I did when I was sleep-deprived last summer. And my old habits came back--almost full circle. 

Right now, I cannot allow sweets in my home unless they are to be eaten in a binge-type fashion. Right now, indulgences are to be treated like, "cheats" while I reign in my poor eating habits and I start to carve a new/more stable way of eating into my heart and mind. And when I am ready, I will embrace sweets and indulgent meals again without rules, restrictions, or shaming. 

But for now, I spend a lot of time pinning my "Cheat Meals." I've got some good ones on there, you should follow along!

How about you? What are your thoughts on cheat meals?

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