Thursday, April 16, 2015

Our Diaper "Kit"--We Keep it in the Car Not in a Bag

We rarely have diaper situations--if you catch my drift. JaiseAnn has been a terrible sleeper, and she went on a bottle strike, and she cried every.single.time I put her in the car for a good six months, but diapering has rarely been an issue with her. She never woke up in the middle of the night with a dirty diaper. She had one or two major diaper situations as a newborn. Other than that, she's been seriously a dream in that department. I was so prepared with my diaper bag, but rarely needed to use it. 

When I was pregnant a friend gave me an "emergency" kit for me to carry in my car. It was meant to serve in addition to my diaper bag necessities and was for a real diaper emergency. The kit was small and compact and I kept it in the glove compartment. Finally, I decided to "upgrade" our little kit and store it in the trunk of our car. Now, we do keep a diaper or two in our diaper bag, but no clothes or anything like that. It leaves room for my things or for extras for JaiseAnn (like snacks). It also means that we can leave the diaper bag behind most times and we'll never even miss it. 

Diaper bag alternatives

We bought a little storage bin and used it to store a few necessities and some not-so-necessities...we keep it in the trunk and it comes in quite handy.

Toddler diaper bag

Our Diaper "Kit" Contains:
-A change of clothes--seasonally appropriate---you never know--messes with food, your daughter splashes water all over herself, diaper messes, and more..
-A handful of diapers (we cloth diaper but we keep disposables in the trunk for emergencies. We always keep a cloth diaper or two in her diaper bag if we're headed somewhere)
-A package of wipes--not just for diapering. You might need these to clean sticky hands or faces and a slew of other types of messes
-Hand sanitizer and disposable bags. The bags are perfect for storing the dirty clothes or soiled diaper and you'll always want some way to quickly clean yourself up
-Books and toys. JaiseAnn has several books, so we just change out two or three books in her car kit every few weeks. The same goes for her toys. Often the toys we keep in the car, are the toys that accompany her to church, so we change them up so that she doesn't get bored of the same toys. 

Do you have a diaper car kit? What are your diaper bag essentials?

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