Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Why I Chose Zach

I chose Zach because he made me feel safe and gave me butterflies at the same time.

I chose Zach because I could be myself with him, but wanted to be better.

I chose Zach because as different as we are, when it comes down to the important stuff--we want the same things.

I chose Zach because it felt like I had known him for a lifetime, yet I still had so much I wanted to learn.

I chose Zach because he has a really good heart and a really easy-going attitude.

I chose Zach because I could tell he'd be an incredible parent.

I chose Zach because I wanted to have his babies.

I chose him and I have benefited from that decision in big and small ways every day since he came into my life. Whether our life plans are right on course or we're in the middle of a detour, I'm so glad I chose him.

Why did you choose your spouse?

There are many perks to being Zach's wife..even with the profession he's chosen. Today I'm over at A Prioritized Marriage sharing The Perks of Being Married to an IT Guy. 

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