Wednesday, May 6, 2015


I have made it a personal goal to fill my blog with uplifting or helpful posts. I carefully plan each post and continually try to improve on my topic ideas, photography, and engagement. But I have been leaving out a very key component and I'm not sure why--I haven't been casual enough to be engaging. I started throwing posts out there and they cover some big topics. I share some very personal feelings, but I don't really have any light-hearted conversations with the readers of this blog. Basically I'm like the lady behind you at the grocery store her bares her soul to you. She tells you ALLTHETHINGS and you stand there nodding your head and mumbling a few words. So I'm making an effort to share some casual posts more often. I'm going to start by linking up with Jenna and Anne  (the first Wednesday of each month) to bring you a few of the things I'm currently doing. 

I'm Currently...

Designing: As much as I'd love it to be, designing isn't really my thing in any way. But I have been trying to pick out curtains for my living room. I'm really torn because I have a version of a bay window (instead of three windows, though, just two. A main, larger, window and a small window off to the side. My big dilemma is whether or not to treat it like one big window with one set of curtains or treat it like two separate windows. Any advice?

Enjoying: I have started some contract work for two educational companies that I am really enjoying. It's hard to squeeze in time to work during the day--so I usually only work at night or during JaiseAnn's naps. I used to dread the work that I was waiting for me after a hellish 1 1/2 of bedtime routine. Now, I look forward to the time to do some work. It's a really good feeling and I pray that I can continue to find work I love. 

Ordering: With these new jobs, I've needed a few new things. I'm getting a super cheap new computer (my husband found a great deal for me. It's nothing fancy, but it meets my needs). I have also ordered a few educational books.  

Celebrating: Mother's Day is just around the corner. I'm all sorts of nostalgic thinking back to last year when JaiseAnn was just a tiny little thing...and even more nostalgic when I think back to two years ago when I found out I was pregnant on Mother's Day (sort of). I have asked Zach that instead of the "pamper me" types of gifts that I normally thought I would want for Mother's Day, I would like gift certificates, money, or activity kits for things I can do with JaiseAnn as a mom.

Tasting: As summer nears, I find myself craving beverages more and more. I am really interested in trying different infused water recipes. Lately I've just been throwing a few orange wedges and maybe a little lemon in my water and it is so incredibly good. What is your favorite way to infuse water?

What are you doing currently?

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