Thursday, May 28, 2015

Every Time Your Child Goes Up a Size in Clothes Checklist

Every time JaiseAnn goes up a size in clothes, there are a few things I do besides cry and look longingly at her newborn pictures. (Just kidding! I only cried when she moved out of her newborn clothes, but I still do get a bit sad realizing that I'll never see her little bottom in those pants again.) I set aside an hour one afternoon and just tackle the issue.

hand me downs

Our Moving Up a Size Routine Includes:

-Pack up the clothes that don't fit. I have two categories for this. I first package up any especially sentimental pieces. (I'm keeping these to someday make something special like a quilt). The second batch is for her potential future sibling/cousin/donation items.

-Put new clothes in drawers and hang in closet. I wash all of her new clothes and hang and put them away.

-I pick one or two outfits for the diaper bag or emergency car kit

-I put a few pieces of the new clothing (or some of the baggier/bigger older clothing )in her Toddler 72 hour kit.

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