Thursday, May 7, 2015

Toddler Bucket List

JaiseAnn loves babies! Whenever she sees a baby, she goes to him/her, gets close, and leans in for a kiss. She will stroke a baby's face and she's always super gentle with him/her. I have been moved by this display a number of times, but sometimes I just want to shout: "Hey JaiseAnn, don't you know you are a baby?!?!"

Calling JaiseAnn a toddler, still feels foreign and a little heartbreaking. It would be nearly impossible if she didn't act so much like a toddler...the walking, the fits, the affection, the mimicking, all the big girl things are just beginning. It makes me sad and it also makes me excited. There is so much that I have been excited to do and explore with her ever since I met her. Here is a small Toddler Bucket List I've kept running through my mind for quite a while:

Rock Painting


Spa Day--baths, nails, hair, etc.

Grab a Special Treat Together

Watch Live Animals (You can easily find live streamings of eagles or other animals online.)

Visit the Zoo

Make a Mess 

Bubble Play

Build a Fort

Make Pizza Together


Feed the Ducks

Play with the Water Table

Finger Painting

Wash Cars

Bathtub Play (with and without water--just take some bath time in the middle of the day)

Play Dough

Messy Playdate (who wants to come over for this one?)

Tugging Box

 Pick fresh food from the garden and have a treat (I'm thinking our raspberries this summer will be a delicious blast!)

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What else does this list need? What is your favorite toddler activity?

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