Monday, June 1, 2015

Becoming a Fit Couple

Zach and I have some fairly healthy practices, but we could use some improvement in two areas:

1. Our nighttime "treating" 

2. Our movement/exercise

exercise in marriage

It's no secret that I'm still carrying around a lot of weight from pregnancy and new motherhood. While I am tempted to be disappointed that I'm still sharing that at 16 months out, I'm not. I am proud that I haven't given up and that I keep fighting. I've started over on my journey many times, but I've learned so much about myself as I've fought this battle. 

There are days that I have a really hard time with it. Things don't fit and I just long for my healthy weight. Those days are often days that I pick on Zach for his poor choices regarding health. I need to improve my health for my marriage--I need to be happy with myself so that I can be less critical of my husband. On the other hand, we do need to make some changes and this is the perfect month to make them! I have got some great plans for the two of us this month:

*Nighttime snacking will only take place on date night. Other than that, we will replace snacks with cuddles and kisses while we hang out in the evenings after JaiseAnn goes to bed

*We will go for a walk or enjoy some form of exercise at least 3 nights a week

*Every date night this month will involve exercise in some form, including a family day date to go hiking together. (With plans to hike a total of 5 times this summer as a family).

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How does health and fitness affect your marriage? 

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