Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Currently...June 2015

We are feeling and enjoying summer weather around here lately. JaiseAnn wants to be outside ALL.THE.TIME! It's fine with me. My house stays cleaner, I'm more likely to be active and get a tan, and I love that my little girl likes summertime outside. I'm looking to so many adventures with her this summer. 

I'm linking up with Jenna and Anne again today for currently. 

I'm Currently...

Lots and lots of hide and seek--regular and cardboard box style with JaiseAnn. We've also been playing in our garden and with her water table. Zach and I haven't been playing much of anything lately--we might need to bust out some Rummikub later this week. 

Nowhere in particular. We are going on lots of walks lately. JaiseAnn and I walk during the day and then we've been having family walks to the park in the evenings. 

Maxi skirts. I've never been much of a shorts wearer. Last summer I bought a pair of shorts for the first time since probably middle school. It is the only pair of shorts I own. I usually wear skirts all summer. Knee length denim skirts are my favorite summer staple. My skirts currently don't fit...yet. They also aren't practical for chasing around a toddler. For now, maxi skirts will do. I feel nice enough and they fit and flow--keeping me from getting too warm. 

Water. I've been sipping on tons of water lately...AAAAAND a few Sonic Drinks--our air conditioner went out, can you blame me? I'm hoping that next summer JaiseAnn will be weaned and I'll be sipping on the occasional Cherry Coke. 

I have hard time reading right now. I work any moment that JaiseAnn isn't awake, so I don't really have enough time to dedicate to a book. I read blogs first thing in the morning and in the bath tub, though. And I check job sites for work from home jobs daily (more on that tomorrow), and for work I read math lesson plan outlines...over and over and over again--it sounds awful but I actually love it. If I could do this job forever, I would in a heartbeat

What are you currently up to? 

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