Saturday, June 20, 2015

Watching My Husband Become a Dad

I always knew that Zach would make an incredibly good father. He's a kid at heart, incredibly patient, and he can do the voice of just about any cartoon character you ask him to. I knew our kids would eat him up! I knew he'd be the fun one and that there would be times I'd pale in comparison. 

Prior to having kids with Zach, I always focused on how much our kids would enjoy him. My thoughts were focused on how he'd make such a good dad because our kids would like him. Watching my husband become a dad has been nothing short of amazing. Yes (oh, yes) JaiseAnn loves her "da-ee," but what's even better is how much Zach loves and likes her.

This guy handles baths almost every night and I love to hear the two of them giggling in there. He frequently sends me texts that say, "How's little girl doing?" He never wants a break of a minute to cool down when he gets home. Instead, his arms open up for his little girl! Every night after I put her to sleep, I join Zach in the living room and he says, "That little girl!" 

Zach is typically a pretty unattached guy. He recovered from his first marriage ending in a miraculously short amount of time. He's away from all of his siblings and his parents and he's fine--he rarely calls to check in. I once asked Zach's mom if he was a mama's boy or a daddy's boy and she said, "He's just always kind of been on his own." He doesn't attach to people. It's been hard for me to relate to at times because I am so very attached to people in my life. 

Watching the love and enjoyment he gets from being a father is really the best surprise. It's allowed me to discover a whole new part of my husband. A part of him that is vulnerable, that loves without restraint, and that cries at the sound of that little girl's laugh or the acknowledgement of her growing too quickly. It has truly been the greatest thing to see. I couldn't have anticipated this when I was dating him, but I am more and more convinced every day that I got one of the very best. 

The other night JaiseAnn was calling her, "Da-ee" and Zach said, "It will never get old." He then proceeded to tell me that he understands why God--who could be called by so many different title, chooses the title of Father. Zach proceeded to explain that it is because that is his most important work, most gratifying work, and most joyful work. 

And that's what's been so incredible about watching my husband become a dad. I've watched him step up his responsibilities as he works hard for our dreams to come true. I've watched him take the task of being a father as the most important work he'll ever do. I've listened to him pray with true and honest gratitude every night for JaiseAnn and I've watched him experience a joy unlike every other. 

Parenting with Zach is truly one of the best things about being married to him. It is an absolute honor to watch him become a father and to parent right beside him.

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