Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Currently:July 2015

This summer has been busy. We're having a blast over here. Such a blast that it's been hard to not neglect this little blog of mine--I love this linkup with Jenna and Anne because it allows me a chance to fill you all in on the little things going on in our lives.

When it's hot outside, I always crave ice cream and fruit. While cherries are my absolute favorite, I can't seem to get enough of strawberries this summer. Chocolate dip cones from McDonald's are a summertime favorite and I crave those weekly at least.

Sadly we haven't done as much grilling this summer as I would have hoped. As in, we haven't grilled anything. I do have plans in the works for a grilling feast--including my favorites, Zach's steak and grilled corn on the cob. I also want to try a rib grill off date night. It's on the calendar. (Zach has agreed to help with a blog post about grilling steak--I never liked steak until I had Zach's.)

The only thing we really listen to lately is the radio when we're in the car. (Yay for exercise class two mornings a week, I get a chance to listen to my favorite morning program--a rare treat since I quit working). Most days, toddler radio is our Pandora station of choice and JaiseAnn loves If You're Happy and You Know it and The Hokie Pokie. I just love watching her clap her hands, twirl around, and get so excited she can barely contain herself. 

We are in the process of potentially making some very big decisions about what the next year of our lives (at least) will look like. It's been exciting and anxiety inducing at the same time. I'll keep you all posted if any of the plans we've discussed actually go into effect. 

Ha! I don't decorate. I wish I did, but between decorating paralysis, lack of funds, and a toddler who keeps growing toddler but no less interested on the things she can reach--we just don't put a lot into it. That said, I have been trying to decide what should go above our TV for nearly six years (yes, you read that right) and I think I have FINALLY decided what I want. It will require minimal crafting (if you can even call it that) and I will need help. I will be putting a very simple quote on the wall. I will share a whole post when it is complete on the process and the reason I chose that quote. 

What are you doing currently?

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