Monday, July 20, 2015

Non-Toy Gift Ideas for Kids

As you know, we take a minimalist approach to toys in our home.We have had a few birthdays for kids our family and friends recently and when buying children's birthday presents, I still try to stay away from toys. It's not that I see anything wrong with toys but I like to be different. Kids get a lot of toys for their birthdays--so why not switch things up a bit. Here are some non-toy ideas for birthday gifts for kids. 

kid gift ideas

While I do have a limit for JaiseAnn's toy count, she can never have enough books. I don't think any parent feels like their child can have too many books. Grab a favorite from your childhood to share with the kid in your life--write a message in the front cover about your favorite character or why you love that book and make sure to include the date. Your book will not only be useful but will also become a treasured gift. If you want to "go big" with a gift--you could create a small library with a focus on a certain theme and get the child several books under that theme. 

Bath Time Fun
Bath time is something that unborn babies get a lot of gifts for at baby showers, but what about the older kids? This area often gets overlooked. A new towel, washcloth, and some fun bath toys or bath soap. Foam letters and numbers make a great gift. We love Fun by Lush. It's a cruelty-free, all natural soap that doubles as a bubble bath, play dough, bath dye combo. JaiseAnn loves the way it feels and it's inexpensive and lasts a long time. 

This is probably one of my favorite things to get for gifts. Children love to spend time with their parents and other loved ones. Whether you gift the child a day to spend with you or some passes to do things with parents--they will love the gift of those memories. Passes to a children's museum, the zoo, a local arcade/amusement park, swimming pool/water park, or even a gift card to the local book store and a bakery would make great gifts. The child gets to open the gift, anticipate the occasion, and enjoy it--making for a very memorable gift. 

Creative Outlets/Talents
As children get older, help them tap into their talents and interests. A children's recipe book and an apron would be a great gift for the child who loves helping in the kitchen. Sketch books, pencils, and easels are great gifts for a child interested in art. If you know of a child who loves sports--try to find ways to incorporate that with a book on the sport, some socks/shoes to wear while playing, or even a few game day essentials like a water bottle and some snacks. Encouraging a child to follow his/her talents with a gift will make them feel special and recognized which goes a long way. 

Kids get so many gifts on their birthday that they really wouldn't notice if one or two guests didn't get them anything. So save the gift wrap and put some money into a bank account for them. Ask the parents if they have one, if they do--put some in there and give them a card letting them know you did. They won't miss the gift and they'll surely appreciate it later.

How do you approach gifts for the children in your life? 

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