Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Makeup Mix-Up

I'm not a makeup expert of any kind. I wear a very minimal amount and I don't spend a lot of money on makeup. Walking into a store like Ulta or Sephora has always overwhelmed me and given me anxiety--it feels similar to making choices for decorating my house. Everything is so expensive that there's just so much pressure to get it right

That said, I have been following Jaelan for a while now and love her makeup tips--even if that world is a bit foreign to me. It's encouraged me to step out. When she announced the makeup mix-up I told myself that I would need to try to play along every so often. I love the idea of linking up makeup ideas and getting inspiration for other bloggers. When I saw that this week's makeup prompt was Craving Coral. I knew I had to at least put my spin on it. 

coral gel nail polish

Coral is a summer staple. It compliments a good tan beautifully. My brother's girlfriend offered to paint my nails using gel polish--a first for me--with a kit she had. I'm not usually a big polish wearer because they chip too easily. But I love the look of freshly painted hands and loved how this gel polish just looked more polished I guess you could say. The coral color is perfect for summer.

sally hansen gel polish

I had big plans for sharing some of my favorite ways to highlight coral colors in the summer. I love pairing coral with navy and usually find some excuse to wear my favorite navy heels when I'm sporting coral polish. I also love the way yellow gold looks mixed with coral. I threw on my favorite right hand ring to compliment my polish and a navy top. Unfortunately, it rained the day we were taking these pictures so my husband took three (and only three) quick pictures in the backyard--sunglasses were definitely not necessary. You win some...

If you want to check out other coral looks visit the Makeup Mix-Up with Jaelan and Miranda. 

How do you wear coral? 

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