Monday, August 24, 2015

Dream Come True:My New Opportunity

It's really funny how things work out. And sometimes not-so-funny in the waiting. And sometimes it's not-so-funny in the fact that they feel like the "just fall into place" but really it's a matter of hard work on our part, faith, belief, and mostly the hand of Heavenly Father.

I've hinted about it enough, but I have a pretty amazing opportunity that I'm taking advantage of this year. When I quit my job to stay home, we never knew how long it would last, but we felt it was the right decision and even though it was scary, we knew it was right for our family. Over the last 18 months things have been crazy. I have known stress that I've never known as I was working an unstable job and Zach was working tons of overtime and we had a baby that didn't sleep. On the very generous flip side, though, I have also had some amazing experiences through some opportunities I never would have seen coming.

First and foremost I've been home. Being home is so important to me and to us and I feel incredibly grateful that I have been there for every moment with JaiseAnn. The time is flying by and I'm so happy to maximize that time at home with her. In the evenings, only after my little girl is asleep, I have had opportunities to write freelance articles, language arts content for an educational website, and my summer project has allowed me to put my heart and soul into designing a digital math curriculum with teachers from all over the country. These opportunities have helped me fuel a passion of mine, allowed me to grow and expand my skills and abilities, and helped me meet some amazing people. And the cherry on top? I feel that having these outlets has allowed me to be a better wife and mother. 

A while back I just had this feeling that I needed to return to school. (I started a graduate program in 2012 and have about half of my program left to complete--I explain a little about my background here.) There are more opportunities to work from home with a Master's and I wanted to complete my degree for a number of reasons, but I also felt that this was the time and that I needed to start. I enrolled in a summer class (I shared a bit on that here) and one class for the fall. I had no idea how we would pay for it or if where/how I would be working but it just felt right. It felt like it was what I needed to be doing. 

About a month ago I was officially offered a graduate assistantship at the college. I will be working completely from home (part-time) for a professor that I have worked with and admired for years. I can't  believe that I get to work as her assistant and hopefully learn so much from her-this next year is going to be invaluable to me as I learn while working directly with her. In addition to working from home doing something I love and am passionate about with someone I can learn so much from (that's a mouthful of blessings right there), I will also be going back to school full-time. My classes are completely paid for by the college. I will have my Master's degree by this time next year. My classes are also online or at night. 

It won't be easy. It's going to be time consuming and schedules will have to be juggled and I will likely end up missing my husband quite a bit--our time together will be stretched even more thin than it already is. But it is so worth it. We both feel really good about this opportunity and I can't tell you how many times I've felt my eyes well up with tears of gratitude that this is actually happening. 

It's honesty all the things we've been praying for for the last 18 months rolled into one:

Please bless mom to continue to stay home with JaiseAnn

Please bless us to move ahead financially

Please bless us to find a way for me to finish school 

Please bless us to find opportunities that will allow me to stay home and move forward with my goals and passions

It's everything. I wish I could find a better way to explain all of the thoughts and feelings I've had as this opportunity was presented. I wish I could tell you about my first meeting on campus with my professor and how excited she was for me. I wish I could tell you about it all, but I can't' seem to find the words. 

I love education. I love learning. I have loved every class I have taken on my college campus and I get goosebumps every time I return. I may want to work there someday and now I am honestly one step closer...all the while I get to be a mom--which brings tears to my eyes and gives me goosebumps in a completely different way.

What would be your dream opportunity? Don't give up on it! 

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