Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Things That Make Me Smile

Tonight is a good night. It's one of those nights where things feel good. Our house feels good and peaceful, Zach and I are about to snuggle up and enjoy our show tonight, there is hope in the air, and I'm just so content

In my content state of mind I feel like sharing some things that are making me smile lately:

JaiseAnn in Converse shoes

toddler in converse shoes

*Watching Zach play with JaiseAnn

*Watching MasterChef

*Farmer's Market Peaches

*New Whole30 dinners that are going on "the list" for all future dinners! 

*Thinking of Fall (I know, I know. I love Summer, too. But it's hot and I'm just getting excited. Sure Summer can stick around a bit longer, but when Fall hits--it will be welcome.) 

*Seeing all of the back to school stuff and knowing that I get to still be home with my little girl. While there is sometimes a tug in my heart when I see the school supplies, I never was a teacher who liked the start of a new school year. (No, you can have your Augusts and Septembers--I love the Octobers/Novembers/Decembers--quite possibly my favorite time of the whole year.) While the option of staying home never feels solid, I'm always grateful to see the start of another school year knowing I get to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner with my girl every day and enjoy little adventures. 

*Planning some upcoming dates. We've been in a rut--but between some good ideas I have (and can't wait to share) and birthdays/anniversaries--we have a lot to look forward to. 

*JaiseAnn. No seriously, that girl kills me. She is so much fun and so funny. She loves to help out with anything and everything-dishes, laundry, making dinner, watering the garden-you name it. She loves to play chase and looks behind her as she's running with this sly little smile as she checks to make sure you're coming out with her--and then lets out this giggle that sometimes brings tears to my eyes. She smiles at me across the table during our meals, she brings me books to read to her (over and over again), and she loves to sing songs and dance. I smile so much--all day long-because of her. What a gift she is. 

*Naps. I take a nap with JaiseAnn every day. It used to feel restricting and confining, but I've decided to embrace it. The things I could do during her naps are things I won't remember a year from now, but her? I'll remember those snuggles forever. I am tired and I don't feel bad that I sneak a few minutes of sleep now and then. Sometimes I work by bringing my computer with me and working after she's asleep. Sometimes I read. Other times I sleep. The other day she slept for FOUR hours and I slept for 3 of them (she had been up at least a dozen times the night before so we were both wiped). I haven't slept for 3 hours for a nap--or probably at night--since she was born. It was a beautiful beautiful thing. 

What's making you smile these days? 

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