Friday, August 7, 2015

Why a 2nd Whole30?

I completed (alongside my husband) my first ever Whole30 challenge back in February. (You can read all Whole30 related posts here.) 

I felt great. I lost a great portion of my extra weight. I was excited and hopeful for the future. The weight stayed off for a few weeks and then I lost the work I was doing from home and stress got the better of me. I began to eat emotionally again--a constant battle for me. The weight went right back on and I found myself in the same place I started. 

Or maybe not.

reasons to do a whole30

When I started the Whole30 it was not to lose weight, even though I was hopeful. I wanted it to change my relationship with food--as the program promises. I went in with a narrow view that the Whole30 program would help me stop eating the foods that were "bad" for me. Instead, what actually happened was it allowed me to embrace food that is good for me-even food I didn't know was good for me--mostly I was surprised at how liberating it felt to embrace fat! It was so nice to fill my diet with wholesome food-not worrying about calories or restricting. Instead, the program allowed me to listen to my body and feed it whole foods. I ate well during that month and I learned that I wanted to be emotionally stable with food. I wanted to be at a place where I could trust my body and embrace food.

A few months ago I set out on a quiet journey to do just that. I've been listening to my body more and I've learned a lot about myself and I've become more in tune with how foods make me feel. For whatever reason, my mind/body have been drawn to this cleaner way of eating for the past several years. I continually take baby steps to making changes to our family diet. We eat so much better than we ate at the start of our marriage or even two years ago and I know that embracing this lifestyle will only get me closer and closer to the place I want to be in my relationship with food. 

One of the things I love about a a challenge like this is that it forces me to learn and get creative. A lot of people might view this as my attempt at a quick fix, but it's not. Instead it's a practice of self control for 30 days while putting extra energy and attention on listening to my body and following it's cues for 30 days. (I loved this post on 30 day disciplines.) 

I feel that I learn so much about myself when I exercise self discipline. Like any muscle, if not worked it won't be as strong. I also know that when I give myself a challenge with food--I find that I discover things I didn't know I loved or liked. I love condiments (as told in this post with the recipe for BBQ Dip Sandwiches-so good by the way)! I am crazy about sauces and dressings--our meals are rarely without them in some form. I also know that many of the sauces and dressings I use are filled with more non-food ingredients than food. I know that they are not clean or healthy for me. I have been wanting to learn how to make my own sauces for a while now and this challenge is going to push me to do just that.  

Zach and I start our second round of Whole30 today! It probably won't be our last. We like the idea of a reset a few times a year.  I am actually more excited about it this time around than I was the first time. I have 30 different dinners planned--4 special Sunday breakfasts planned, and more. (If you want the details of my meals--be sure to follow along on Instagram @mynewlines) 

What are your thoughts on 30 day disciplines? Would you consider a Whole30? Why or why not? 

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