Wednesday, September 2, 2015

2 Person Games for Couples

Zach and I met at a game night and one of our favorite things to do is play games. We love playing games with other couples and used to have people over often to play games. Life happened--people moved, Zach started working the night shift, we had a baby and suddenly we don't have as many people to play games with anymore. It makes me sad sometimes and I really hope that we can find some couples to play games with as our kids grow because it's something that Zach and I really enjoy.

Even without couples, though, Zach and I have always enjoyed playing games together. We try to play games at least once a week--most times more than that. It's a fun way to spend time together and you can up the romance factor with fun bets--winner gets _____. I know it's hard to find card games that are suited for 2 players--so here are ten of our favorites.  These would also make great wedding gifts! 

two person games
Cards pictured are from the word card game Quiddler

Skip Bo





Monopoly Deal Card Game

2 Person Settlers of Catan

Forbidden Island



What are your favorite games to play with your spouse? 

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