Monday, September 21, 2015

A Girl and Her Dog

I'm "that mom" I never saw it coming, but I am. And I don't apologize. I've been planning JaiseAnn's second birthday for months now--and yes, it's still 4 and a half months away. I love planning parties and hosting parties. I also love my daughter--immensely. As she has grown it's become so fun to see her get excited about things. It's been far too fun to plan some things that I just know will make her so happy. JaiseAnn doesn't have a lot of interests--really. She likes to play with mom and dad, run around outside, read, and she loves her dog--and all dogs really. She has a dog obsession that has only grown and grown. 

Some examples of JaiseAnn's obsession with dogs include, but are not limited to: 
*Hearing a dog barking while playing in our neighborhood park. She gets off the equipment and goes over to the fence to peer over
*Flipping through her dad's National Geographics and finding a picture of a dog. Which she then finds anytime she picks up that magazine-she knows right where to go.
*Recognizing a dog on anything a package, a sign, a book, etc. She actually picked Shiloh right off the shelf in our living room just by looking at the spine and seeing tiniest picture of a dog.
*Shouting "dog" anytime she sees one--whether it's on a walk, while she's going through the parking lot at the grocery store and sees one (or hears one) in someone's car, or even sees the dog food isle at the store.
*Telling you that dogs go, "Bow, wow, wow!" 
*Loving on her own dog from the beginning really. They are friends. She picks up books and cuddles with him on the floor to read to him. She pets him, talks to him, and  plays with him. 
*Calling any animal "dog." She's still working on this one, but we've finally at least mastered "cat." 

As I thought about her upcoming birthday party--I contacted Taylor at The Daily Tay. I knew she had an ETSY shop for t-shirts--specifically this "I Just Want to Hang with My Dog" shirt that she sells and donates 20% of each purchase to a Chicago dog shelter. This shirt was only sold in adult sizes, but she made a special order for this perfect shirt for JaiseAnn. I wanted it for her to wear to her birthday party, but when it showed up, I had to at least give it a trial run and take some pictures outside before her birthday--beautiful pictures with a smiling girl in January are highly unlikely. And plus I really wanted a few pictures to use as part of her party decor! :) 

Taking pictures of toddlers is not easy--but I was so happy we captured a few perfect pictures of her here. She's just so in love with her dog and anytime she's playing with him she is happy. She squeals with delight, though, if she thinks he is playing with her. It makes my heart melt. 

But really, am I crazy to have her birthday planned out already? (I can't wait to share some of the details with you when we get a bit closer!)

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