Friday, September 4, 2015

Friday Introductions

With my brand spanking new blog design (seriously have you seen it? Brielle at Breezy and Co did a fantastic job--and she was so easy to work with, but more on that later) and some new blogger relationships I've developed, I decided it would be a great time to do a better job introducing myself. When I started this blog I was a new mom and just started sharing some of my most heartfelt thoughts on motherhood. I didn't really give time to really share "Sharlee" and it's been taking me some time to do so.

When Tayler at The Morrel Tale nominated me to answer some questions and share a bit about myself and blogging, I decided that might be a great way to help any readers out there get to know me better. 

1) What is one thing you wish you could change about your blog?
Well the fact that a reader just told me that my blog wasn't showing up on my Bloglovin' profile--all this time I've been blogging and my posts don't come up on people's feeds. How did I miss the step of claiming my blog? I'm embarrassed about it, but so grateful Ashley clued me in. I'm amazed that I've gotten as many people here as I have. Thanks for following along guys! 

2) Where would you love to travel to and why?
I have a weird relationship with travelling. I really don't go around proclaiming my love for travelling and wanderlust because sometimes I think it can come across as not being satisfied where you are. I try to really find my happiness in the place I spend the most time-home. That being said, I do like traveling--once I get to my destination. I am a horrible (no really, horrible) road tripper and I don't love flying--I get bored since reading and watching screens make me sick. I now travel with a toddler so that's that. Once I get somewhere though I love it--mostly I love eating in a new place, but I love the experience as well. My biggest dream destination is to stay in a beautiful B&B in Vermont in the Fall. I saw an episode of Mad About You where they did that once and I've never forgotten it. It's #1 on my list. I also would love to go on a tropical cruise, explore much of the South (someday when our kids are older we'd love to take them on a month-long tour of the South--it's a goal of ours), and my husband wants to go anywhere abroad-but he's particularly fond of Germany or New Zealand. 

3) What is your favorite show to binge watch on Netflix?
One thing we should probably get straight before we move forward is that I have a really hard time choosing favorite things. It gives me anxiety. I have too many favorite contenders to choose from. I generally watch shows with my husband but I've loved Army Wives, Drop Dead Diva (until two seasons ago), and The Secret Life of the American Teenager were some of my favorite-girl time shows. (And Frasier and Friends are definitely top favorites that are more "my shows" but Zach enjoys them as well. 

My husband and I have loved: Burn Notice (definitely a TOP contender), Lie to Me, LOST (another top contender), Castle, Revenge, and White Collar (another top contender). We started/loved/obsessed/stopped watching because of vulgarity or too much bad language/violence/sex/all of the above: Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder, and Damages. 

4) What is your favorite topic to write about?
Motherhood totally caught me by surprise and is what spurred me to start blogging again--I love sharing my experiences. 

5) How has blogging changed you?
Blogging has made me more aware of myself--it's made me more aware of the person I want to be and made me think really hard about the sides of myself I present to the open public. Writing for a public audience has caused me to really consider my language and the way I speak about things--and I think it's had a major (and positive) impact on the way that I think. 

6) Where do you claim your hometown and why?
Boise, Idaho. I spent most of my childhood in Boise and it's also where I went to college. I've always lived near Boise (up to 30 miles out) I love it and pretty much all surrounding areas. 

7) If you could meet someone from history, who would it be?
I used to always say Martin Luther King Jr. because he is one of my heroes and I'd love to meet him and shake his hand some day. But lately I've been thinking a lot about Christ's disciples and I would like to meet Peter--first I'd just like to meet him. I would want to get a feel for him and see what kind of traits we had in common. After that, though, I'd like to ask him about his experiences--including but not limited to his denial of Christ. Everyone thinks it would never happen to them, but I want to know more about his experience. 

8) Who is your blogging idol and why?
I have many bloggers that I look up to and this question is super hard for me, but I will go with Jana from Bouvardian. I am so incredibly inspired by her. Reading her blog and watching it evolve is nothing short of inspiring. Her posts and pictures make me want to find passions of my own and put my all into exploring them. Additionally she's made me want to explore some of her passions for myself--even ones that I didn't think I had any interest in. Her blog is gorgeous, she's pursuing a passion/dream of hers, and has never been anything but kind and classy toward me in any of our interactions. 

9) What or who is someone who has inspired you throughout your life?
My mom. My mom loves with her whole heart and she's maybe one of the only reasons I ever thought I might try having kids of my own. She loves being a mom and thank goodness for that because so many people don't seem to. I think a great deal of issues in our world come from children being treated as interruptions or problems--but I never was by my mom. She is a constant in my life and I always want to share everything with her-still to this day.  

10) Why do you blog?
I blog because I want to be one more voice to share the beauty of marriage and family. I want to share my joy and inspire others as well. The Mission of My New Lines tells a bit more about my blog and why I decided to start blogging. 

And if anyone wants to participate--I'd love to know the following about you--whether in the comments or in a blog post of your own.

These are my questions for you:
1. What parts of your life bring you the most satisfaction right now? 
2. What form of exercise do you enjoy? 
3. Name a book you'd recommend for each of the following situations: a friend going through a tough time, a vacation, and a book to inspire someone. 
4.What is a "go-to" recipe of yours? Savory or sweet--or both! 
5. What would a perfect date entail for you? 
6. Tell a bit about your faith. 
7. What is your pet status? 
8. Tell about one of your favorite and most memorable meals. 
9.You're road tripping--what are your necessities? 
10. Why do you blog? 

*If you do your own blog post, here are the rules:

1. Provide a link and thank the blogger who nominated you.
2. Answer a few questions about yourself.
3. Nominate 5-10 bloggers that you love.
4. Include questions to be answered for the bloggers you nominate.
5. Include the award logo within your blog post.

Come on, let's get to know each other a bit better! And if you're new here-check back next week--I've got some exciting posts in the works...look forward to the easiest cookie recipe ever (that can be dairy/gluten free, too!) and my tips for dressing well on a budget-can't wait to share! 

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