Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Putting Effort Into Your Blog (+Giveaway)

I have been trying off and on to put more effort into my blog. Everything from trying to network and collaborate with other bloggers to improving the content and images on my own blog. I want this blog to be an inspiring and uplifting place, and I want people to feel that when they visit here. And I'd be lying if I didn't admit I'd really like people to keep coming back. 

As my style in blogging has evolved, my blog was in need of a change--to reflect the way I felt my blog and my work was changing. I have been an admirer of Brielle's from Breezy + Co for quite some time now. I had the chance to work with her as we worked on coming up with a new blog design and I love it. 

blog design reviews

The process was really easy. I chose a package that I felt met my needs and filled out a form that asked for my preferences. You'll want to make sure you have some time and some ideas in mind when you fill out this form because Brielle is thorough-it's part of what makes her a strong designer. I shared some color preferences, font preferences, and included links to other blog designs and headers that I liked. 

Brielle started with small parts of my design. First we tackled the header. She got to work quickly and was in communication throughout the process, always waiting for my feedback before proceeding. I didn't hesitate to tell her things that I liked and the things I didn't really felt matched the vision for my blog.

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It didn't take long before we had a design for My New Lines that I felt was a perfect fit. The most fun thing about this process was seeing the process unfold and the design come to life. I was so excited when it was all said and done and had to spend a few minutes playing around with the new design. I love the "Pin This" button, the muted colors, and the little bits of character that Brielle added to my blog. Everything seemed to be just the right amount and nothing seemed too overwhelming. 

I loved working with Brielle and can't wait to work with her again. I already have plans to have her design JaiseAnn's birthday invitations and I have some gift ideas that utilize her available prints. 

Whether you're looking for blog design, customized prints, or creative and affordable prints you'll want to check out Breezy + Co. And you're in luck--right now all readers get 15% off orders with the code SHARLEE15. 

And just because Brielle is awesome, she's offering one reader a $30 credit to her shop! 

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