Friday, October 9, 2015

Mommy and Me Activity Tree--Fall Version

You might remember this activity tree from the summer that I used as a sort of "bucket list" to keep track of the fun things I wanted to do with JaiseAnn. I liked it so much I decided to make a Fall version. 


This tree is simple to make. I drew a brown bare tree, cut out some very poorly designed leaves in orange and yellow, and added my bucket list items to the leaves. I then taped the leaves on the tree. As we complete the activities, I will move the leaves from the tree to the bottom of the page--to demonstrate the falling leaves! 

Some of the activities listed are:

-Visit the pumpkin patch
-Bake a treat and deliver to a friend/neighbor
-Make Dad's birthday extra special
-Go thrifting for holiday books (more on that later)
-Photo shoot
-Halloween craft
-Bake a treat and enjoy for ourselves
-Thanksgiving gratitude craft
-attend my old school carnival
-decorate a pumpkin
-go on a walk along the greenbelt and enjoy the not-so-green-ness of it this time of year
-visit the temple grounds and have a 6 year family celebration  (our wedding anniversary will also be a chance to celebrate as a whole family)
-play date

It sits on our fridge as a reminder when I go to plan out our week/days. 


What are your Fall "must do" activities? 

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