Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Creating Healthy Boundaries for Your Body

When you take note of all the things you hear everyday--whether it's in writing, in person, on TV, or some other way, it's important to recognize that there will be all kinds of messages that don't support you becoming your personal best self.

For example, I realized that when I first started screening my messages, I pushed away anything that tried to tell me to lose weight and restrict eating, but I started welcoming the messages that basically told me it was okay to do whatever I wanted. 

It took me a while (and honestly I'm still learning) to figure out that, 

"Treat yo'self!" was just as detrimental to my true health as "thin=beautiful," "thin=confident," "thin=happiness," etc. 

intuitive eating

I have been doing a lot of reading on intuitive eating and finding a balanced approach to eating without restriction, but it's been hard for me. Harder than any other way I've approached this. I feel like a failure almost every day-to be honest.

But I had to stop listening to the voices that told me to have a treat whenever I felt like it. I had to stop looking at the ice cream cones with sprinkles on them on Instagram. I had to stop paying attention to #nationalnameofjunkfoodday which left me feeling like I deserved a treat.

Maybe some days I do need a treat and maybe some days I don't, but only my body knows what's best for me. 

Just like there's no one-size fits all eating regimen that works for people, there's no one-size balanced eating program that works either. Everyone has to find their own balance.

I've finally arrived at a place where I know that for me I have to find balance by setting boundaries for myself. I'm still struggling to find the right ones, but I keep trying and I have faith that I'll find something that works for me. 

So if you're trying to eat a balanced diet and listen to your body, you have to tune out anyone who thinks they know your body better.

That means you tune out the, "It's the weekend and I thought we could have a treat!" from your husband if that's not really what you think is best. It doesn't mean you're restricting if it comes from a place of honoring your body.

You ignore the, "Calories don't count on the weekend!" Instagram post of the person knee deep in fried foods and beer. You might not want to think about calories, but you also might know that  fried food spree won't help you find the balance you want and likely won't leaving you feeling very good. 

Next week I'm going to share my boundaries with you and I'm excited. I have found activity/exercise boundaries that absolutely work for me and I've found some food boundaries that do work and other's that I'm still struggling with. 

Do you have a tendancy to shut out one side of the messages, but listen to the other? Any tips or tricks for helping someone figure out how to listen to him/herself first

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