Friday, November 13, 2015

Five On Friday 1st Edition

I never really participate in these Friday link-ups but Tayler has been recently and I decided to join in. Today I'm participating in Five on Friday where I share five awesome things that are happened this week. 

JaiseAnn is officially going six+ hours at night now! I am so excited. Getting to the six hour point had it's moments, but nothing too traumatic and only one night where I thought, "This won't work!" But it did and we're here and I am continually surprised at how naturally this progresses and how much more at peace I am with following my gut to gentle parent her. 

I haven't been able to read with my intense work/school schedule. I work at night after JaiseAnn is asleep and try to catch up on homework periodically throughout the week and on Saturdays. But after reading a few book reviews this week, I've decided to put my thesis on pause over the holiday break and allow myself to read--at least until Christmas and then maybe I'll pick my work back up after Christmas, but I'm already looking so forward to a few nights cuddled up on the couch, reading, in comfy clothes. 

I set a goal this year (well I set a lot and I haven't kept many of them) to finish  my Christmas shopping by December 1st. I can say this, I've started! JaiseAnn is almost done. We have her gift of want and need--but need to make her gift of love. I have a friend who is going to help me make her this apron.(And yes, I need help. I don't remember how to use my sewing machine-I haven't used it since my junior year of high school.) (This is how we gift in our family for Christmas). We also need to finish her Santa gift and stocking stuffers, but we know what those are. I have my parents' big gift picked out as well as my brother's. I don't know what we're getting Zach's family. I have limited time so I need to figure it out, but I can honestly say I think I'll make my goal and I'll be able to just soak in the whole month of December. 


Speaking of my thesis. I am taking a Foundations of Educational Research class this semester and our end-of-semester project is a research outline. My outline is based on my thesis and I am so excited to actually have some of my information in an outline--ON PAPER--and somewhat organized. It may be only a five page outline, but it is SOMETHING and that feels so good. I just submitted my rough draft to two professors and am looking forward to/dreading getting feedback. 

This didn't happen this week, but we got family pictures done a few weeks ago and I'm ordering the pictures for our living room as well as for our Christmas cards. I am so in love with the pictures! I'm excited to get them up in our house. 

What is something great that happened to you this week? 

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