Monday, November 9, 2015

Grateful for Women I Admire

As always during the month of November, my social media feeds are filled with gratitude posts. I love it! It's so fun to see the different things people are grateful for--the big things, the little things, the fun things, and even the hard things. I love seeing this perspective. I usually don't participate in it myself, but I love reading those posts. And it encourages me every day to think: What is one of the things I'm grateful for today? 

One day last week I was reflecting on my little life and how much I absolutely love it. My husband, daughter, dog, and home. Our little routines, the laughter, and the friendship. I love our routine of scriptures and prayers at night and I love that family time is a priority for us. I love that I'm home with my daughter. All of these things I'm grateful are laregly influenced by the women who have mentored and encouraged me to make the choices that led to the family life I have today.  

I am grateful for the women I've looked up to and the women I continue to look up to.

There are a lot of times that I feel frustrated with women--they can be so mean and my feelings have been so much more hurt by women than they ever have by men. But there are so many women that I just simply admire and I am forever indebted to them. 

I'm grateful for the women who influenced me in my youth. These are primarily the women that served as my young women's leaders, but also the women I babysat for. These women made me desire a family life and a home centered on the gospel--which is exactly what I was determined to have. Those goals have influenced my life at every stage and I will be forever grateful for the eternal gift they gave me. They took the time to love me, to teach me, and most importantly who they were when they didn't realize I was watching is what really impacted me. 

I'm grateful for the women in my singles ward who lived their lives to the fullest. They were well educated and well employed. They were knowledgeable about the gospel with strong testimonies. Their lives were centered on the gospel and living in the now. They created homes even if they had no one to share them with. They created fulfilling lives and I was inspired by each one in a different way. I was inspired by the way they honored themselves and their Heavenly Father. Knowing those women inspired me to increase my gospel understanding and my testimony--something that has given me peace at times of diffculty, pain, and uncertainty and something that will impact my family forever. 

I'm grateful for the women who surrounded and supported me as a newlywed. I am grateful for those who were happy for me and celebrated with me. I am grateful for those who helped me through the difficult times with advice or perspective. I am grateful to every single woman who supported me in loving my husband and creating and building a solid marriage. 

I'm grateful for the moms--those who are just a few steps ahead of me that I look up to now. Recently I had one of those moments. I watched a mom who I admire acting in a way that inspired me. I came home and talked to Zach about it--"I want to be like that." I told him. And it hit me, I've been looking up to women since I was a little girl. I'm so thankful for the moms who love their kids--in thought, speech, and action and who are intentional about motherhood. 

I'm grateful for the women I've met in this blogging community. Whether you blog and have supported me in some way or whether you show up here often--sharing your thoughts and advice with me when you feel so inclined I appreciate you. I appreciate the insight, the time, and the support. Thank you for being here.

Now it's your turn. I'd love to hear more about influential women today. 

Who are some of the most influencial women in your lives? 

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