Monday, November 23, 2015

My Favorite Things {Giveaway}

I have a lot of "favorite" things--which is why when people ask me my favorite thing, I get a little anxious. How can I choose just one?

I love talking about my favorite things, though. So when Brooklyn invited me to share my favorite things in a single blog giveaway and link to a bunch of other bloggers sharing their favorite things, I thought it was an awesome idea. So awesome, in fact, that I think I've decided to do a quarterly favorite things giveaway here on the blog--I seriously decided that just this minute!

So here's how this works. I'm going to tell you about a few of my favorite things--and then one of those things will be sent your way--a bit of an early Christmas gift, but also a Thanksgiving gift. A "thanks for reading and being here" kind of thing. After you read about my favorite things, you can go check out the other bloggers who will be talking about their favorite things AND giving stuff away on their blogs, too! If I were you, I'd check them ALL out and enter--I have.

So my favorite things shift with my season of life and the season of year-hence the idea to do a quarterly "favorite things" giveaway. 

Some of my favorite things right now include. 

This little girl. Seriously. I can't get enough of her. 

I pretty much favorite everything that involves my daughter-except for maybe the getting to sleep at night part. 

Hot chocolate is a big time favorite this year, soups, and the idea of getting comfy on the couch with the fireplace and a good book. I am dedicated to somehow making this happen for myself (if at all possible) over Christmas break. 

Eating out. I love everything about--the food, the company, and the entire experience as a whole. 

Date nights-I love spending a little extra time that is intentionally set aside to just focus on me and Zach. Our date nights are kept pretty simple, but I love them so much! 

Hooded sweatshirts. On me, they are comfy and one of my staples. On men they are sexy. On little kids they are freaking adorable. I really have a big thing for hooded sweatshirts. 

Giving gifts. I love planning out gifts, shopping for them, wrapping them, and giving them. I enjoy it so much. 

And so my gift to you is a chance for a little extra cash to help you out this holiday season. You can buy yourself something or you can use it to do one of my favorite things and shop for someone else. You get $20 in one of 3 ways--in either a Target gift card, an Amazon gift card, or in Pay Pal cash. Your choice! Enter below and then go check out these lovely ladies to find out what their favorite things are and enter their giveaways, too. It'll be fun! 

Brooklyn Jolley // The Morrell Tale // Harris, Inc.

If you're looking for some ideas for buying gifts:

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And of course I'd love to hear some of your favorite things! 

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