Tuesday, November 17, 2015

My Food and Exercise Boundaries

I mentioned that I think it's perfectly acceptable to create boundaries for yourself--if your body is telling you it needs them. My body needs boundaries in place right now. In order to develop life-long healthy habits, I need to make sure I am doing the healthy things while still giving my body a chance to tell me what it needs/wants. 

I think some people embrace this lifestyle as a chance to "not exercise" if you don't want to or to "not eat "healthy foods" if you don't want to. That doesn't work for me. Not only do I not feel good if I don't incoporate healthy food and exercise into my diet, but I also know that my body does, in fact, need those things. What my body doesn't need is to have to follow a super strict exercise regimine or to eat off of a strict and restrictive meal plan. Boundaries are the perfect middle ground for me. 

 At this point and time I haven't found a way to draw lines with restricting food in a way that works for me, but I have found a way to incorporate healthy choices into my every day life through boundaries that still allow me plenty of room to listen to my body and to choose. 

taking care of my body intuitively

Every body is different and every personality is different, so while I'm sharing what works for me, I don't expect it to work for you, but hopefully seeing my boundaries might help you to set some that work for you. 

My Exercise Boundaries

Work Out/Break a Sweat for 30 Min a Day
I feel a lot better when I work out enough to break a sweat, so I make sure that I do that every single day--in the morning. I wake up and sometimes I don't feel like it, so I just turn on music and dance with JaiseAnn. Some days I go to Zumba. Other days I put in a workout DVD and get busy. This is so much more liberating than forcing myself to follow a set plan that promises a "dream body" at the end. I don't force myself to do things I don't enjoy, but I do tell myself I have to exercise, but I get to decide how. 

Get 10,000 steps in
I have a FitBit and it's possibly one of my favorite things! I make sure that I get 10,000 steps in every day (which is about the equivalent of 5 miles). Sometimes I have to walk around the living room at night or have a last minute dance party before bath time in order to get my steps in. Getting 10,000 steps motivates me to stay active throughout the day and encourages me to find opportunities to move. 

My Eating Boundaries

Eat healthy breakfasts/lunches
When I first wake up, I'm most tired. This is a time when I want nutritionally void foods like waffles or pancakes--or I might crave the sugar boost from hot chocolate. I allow myself these indulgences one day a week--otherwise I pretty much stick to eggs, smoothies, and a few other healthy breakfasts. I know that I don't feel good and I'm more sluggish when I don't eat healthily. I also do the same at lunch time. This allows me to get through the day with plenty of energy and without feeling deprived. 

Plan and Eat Whole Food Dinners with Lots of Veggies
I know that my body needs veggies and I feel so good when eating them, but I hate feeling like I have to eat a certain amount or a certain kind. Instead, I plan meals for dinner that I know I will love. They are made with whole foods and packed with veggies. This allows me to listen to my body and feed myself I enjoy while filling myself with things that I enjoy. 

Without a doubt sweets are my biggest downfall. I'm trying to find the right boundaries for me with sweets that don't make me feel deprived. I am right now attempting (for the 100th time) to not eat sweets during the weekdays but allow them on the weekends. My concern with this attempt is that I will wind up over-indulging on the weekend...so I'm actually contemplating a "once a day" treat rule. I know that might seem crazy to some people but I am wondering if that might work. I will definitely post when I find the right boundary for treats. 

These boundaries allow me to make the decisions that feel right for me. I don't feel restricted by rules and I feel like I'm free to make choices and listen to my body while still teaching myself a bit more about discipline and moderation. 

What are your boundaries? Any tips or tricks for battling the treats? 

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