Tuesday, November 24, 2015

When Do YOU Decorate for Christmas?

So just this week JaiseAnn started recognizing and saying, "Santa!" Which is one of the most thrilling things ever. I'm so looking forward to all the holidays have to offer with her: making cooikies with Grandma, visiting Santa, reading Christmas books, putting up our tree while watching A Muppet Christmas Carol (which she will probably only watch for 10 minutes), and more. We've been coloring Christmas pages this week while listening to Christmas music. 

I've always decorated after Thanksgiving, but in the last few years, I have started decorating the week of Thanskgiving--that Monday or Tuesday. When JaiseAnn said, "Santa" I was determined to have the decorations up before this weekend. We had a lot going on this week and I had a bit of an emotional breakdown a few days ago (too much schoolwork/not enough time, overwhelmed with trying to manage the work from home/going to school/being a mom/taking care of the house thing--and I feel like I'm in over my head right now, pair all of that with JaiseAnn not sleeping as well suddenly. She's up the first hour we put her down (which hasn't happened in months) and then she wakes up SUPER early. Before 6 a.m. For the longest time she woke up between 7 and 8 sometimes even 8:30 so 5:20 isn't working for me--especially since I stay up late working). Anyway, the decorating didn't happen. But it will--either Monday or Tuesday for sure.

When do you decorate for Christmas? Do you have strong feelings about it? 

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