Wednesday, December 9, 2015

How We Wore It: Holiday Style

I really get into winter styles and winter stuff for the months of November and December. I embrace scarves, tights, boots, and warm layers-I love it. 

I assure you, JaiseAnn is not being ignored. Anytime I tried to interact with her for pictures, she threw a bit of a fit. So we just had her there--that with her wind blown hair and she looks like a neglected child--which is most definitely not the case. 

When Brooke shared this month's How We Wore It look, I was excited! The look was inspired by Because Shanna Said So.

Via Because Shanna Said So
For the How We Wore It collaboration, Brooke sends out an email with one look. She encourages us to come up with a look inspired by the look she sends--whether it's the theme, the color, the mood, the textures, etc. We then create our own look, post it, and then look at all the other bloggers participating in the collaboration. Everyone puts a bit of a different spin on the look and it's so fun to see people get creative when putting together the looks. (If you'd like to sign up for next month's collaboration, sign up here.) 

I love red and black and I had just purchased a red and black skirt to wear out for our anniversary and was saving it as my "Christmas skirt." I only wore it out that one night. I couldn't wait to bust it out for this post. But I got a little self conscious. The skirt is more form fitting than I'm used to--I felt like I was wearing leggings (which I've never worn in my life) and I felt pretty exposed--if that's the right word. I felt this way when I bought the skirt, but Zach was with me when I tried it on and he genuinely liked the skirt--actually a lot--so I ended up buying it, but I'm not sure it's my favorite. So this month's look ended up being a little hard for me. 

I added a scarf to add to the "cozy" factor--a scarf that I made, I might add. I thought the contrasting reds would work, but they really don't do it for  me. Maybe if my scarf were wrapped properly? I don't know. 

I loved the "inspiration outfit" and thought putting something holiday-ish and cozy would be easy, but I most definitely am not loving this look I put together. I needed to either use a different scarf or wrap mine around-for crying out loud. I think I could have styled this much better if I'd taken these photos early enough to realize this look was not working, but since I didn't--let's just say I know that the work was not lookking. 

And of course, JaiseAnn in her holiday look. This is her Christmas dress from last year that I loved so much it's not even funny--so I was thrilled when it fit again this year--a bit shorter, but still fit. WOOHOO! 

Now go check out these ladies, I can't wait to see what they come up with! 

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How would you wear this look? 

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