Friday, December 4, 2015

Why Buy the Cow When You Can Get the Milk for Free--A Blogging Lesson Learned

When Aubrey announced the 2015 Blogger Year in Review and one of the ideas for posting was lessons learned, I knew I needed to pull this post out of drafts. I've had it sitting there for a while and I'm not really sure why, but this has been the biggest lesson I've learned this year and the one I'm still trying to figure out.
You know the old adage--"Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?" I think we all know what it's often used in reference to. The other day, though, after beating myself up about an image I pinned to Pinterest, I realized that I gave away the milk! And let me tell you, it's kind of a bummer.

Pinterest marketing mistakes

Many bloggers use online/social media marketing to gain readers. We use Twitter, Facebook, Google +, sponsorships, blog comments, and let's not forget...Pinterest to connect with readers and promote posts. Pinterest is a major tool for gaining readers. It's important to choose your images carefully. I have made a personal goal to work on the images I choose for my blog, not to a point of derailing the mission of my blog, but enough to generate some traffic so more readers can visit and benefit from the content of the blog (and because I want readers-I won't lie.) 

Just before Mother's Day, I posted this DIY Fingerprint Necklace tutorial and I was so proud of it. I carefully crafted two "pinnable" images and felt sure that this would be my big break. I pinned each image over the next few days after the post published and something incredible happened---my image was repinned by more than two people! I was ecstatic. The image was repeatedly pinned and I continued to receieve notifications throughout the month leading to Mother's day. I received more repins of that one pin, than I had repins of all my other pins combined.

I was sure that my traffic would see a boost...perhaps a temporary boost, but a boost nonetheless. Imagine my surprise when my numbers didn't climb. Not right away and not as we edged closer to Mother's Day. No jump. No new visitors. Pinterest is a great source for driving traffic, but it's important to choose your images carefully. The image I chose for my post, gave too much away. Nobody needed to stop by here to see what I did, I shared it all in the picture. 

fingerprint gift from kids

 I chose it because I found it to be helpful, and I think it should remain in the post, but I personally shouldn't have Pinned it. I should have known better-I've been known to select a Pin just because all of the information is "right there" and I don't have to visit a site--shame on me! I should have just pinned the finished product (and I need to start visiting sites instead of using Pins--those bloggers deserve the view if their Pins are worthwhile). Other viewers are free to Pin from my page, but the Pins I chose to share should be carefully selected. If I had chosen just the finished product, I would have at least gotten some new visitors and potentially new readers.

That is the toughest lesson I've learned about Blogging in 2015--as that Pin is still often repinned all over the place. It's Christmas time so I've been seeing a lot more of it as people are looking for handmade Christmas gifts from kids.

What is a big lesson you learned about blogging (or life) in 2015? 

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