Saturday, January 30, 2016

January Goal Check-In

Monday I'll be back here for the One Little Word Link-Up. I initially thought that I would just update on my accomplishments for the previous month in that post-along with new goals for the new month. I decided to break it up for two reasons:

*I tend to set a lot of goals which would make for a very long post

*If I post this prior to One Little Word--I can remind you to link up with us on Monday :) 

I did set a lot of goals this month and I only met a portion of them, but I feel good about it. So let's see how I did:

Here's how I did with January's goals 

-Something above the TV (I'll be sharing this in a post soon!) 
--Sub Goals: Clean fridge, oven, and pantry 


-Plan one fun thing every day to do with JaiseAnn--whether it be an outing or some inside activity. (This month kicked me in the butt--royally. It always  does. Did I have fun with JaiseAnn, yes. But it took me a while to get my stuff together. She doesn't mind, though, if we spend an afternoon playing bus stop, reading books, or going on a walk--so I don't feel too bad that we didn't have planned outings or crafts each day. I probably won't be setting a goal like that again, actually.) 
--Sub Goals: Throw JaiseAnn's 2nd birthday party (cry about that for a minute) and complete her two + baby books-print and order them. (This is absolutely on February's list and I will not let myself get away with not doing it. They are so close to being done. Zach and I have been both very busy studying and I just had to push this one back.) 

-Spend some time together every night--even if it's just fifteen minutes.
--Sub Goals: Date night every week-one of those to the temple. (Our date nights weren't spectactular this month, but we did spend time together--even if it was just to watch a show. We have a fun night planned tonight as a family and then we will pick up our game in February-it's the love month, it won't let me down.) 

Date Night
-I have a date night in mind that I want to do--it's an "at home" date night. I plan to post it before February once we've done it.

-Ponderize weekly. 
Sub Goals: Attend the temple and study one talk per week
(I have the same Ponderizing scripture on my fridge from the 2nd week in January-the one from the 1st week, though, didn't really get studied. I studied two talks this month, but not as in depth as I would have liked.)

-Finish (or come very close) to completing my thesis proposal and have my proposal date scheduled. (After this afternoon, I will submit my proposal. It's SO close to being ready. I do know, however, that I will be making substantial revisions once its reviewed by my professor and that is what gives me the most anxiety actually. The review and revisions from my committee. UGH!)
-Sub Goals: Look into other deadlines for thesis and put them (along with class dates, etc.) in my planner. (I need to do this this afternoon)


-Put budgeting apps on our phones and sit down and talk about our budget together  (It's hard to talk about our budget because it's kind of temporary, as my job will end in May. So what we really are trying to talk about is how we can change our budget so that we are able to fully support ourselves on Zach's income. We're incredibly close. In fact, so close that when we first started talking it, I started to tear up. I'm proud of us and so grateful for answers to prayers. When I first quit working Zach was working close to 60 hours a week and I was still working from home to pay the mortgage. He got a new job and a "raise" but he's a salaried employee so he lost the option of overtime pay--which made it basically a wash and maybe even less money in some ways. But between his additional raise this year, our discounts on health insurance due to healthy lifestyle choices, and changes to our budget that we've been making we are SO close. We are working on getting there as soon as possible. I still want to add a particular budgeting app on our phone. Our goal is to have us making it soleley on Zach's income and any income I can generate from home will go to paying down debt, covering unexpected expenses, potential travel, and Christmas and birthdays. I won't be making a whole lot, but the little I make right now is actually working for us really well. 
--Sub Goals: Apply for one job (from home) for next school year


-Get 70,000 steps in every week and drink enough water. (I probably got 70,000 steps 5 days this month which is the worst I've done in a year. My average steps were about 7,500 so that's not horrible, but not as good as it could have been. This will be another goal next month as well.) 
--Sub Goals: Set up doctor appointment for JaiseAnn and dentist appointments for our whole household. (I set up JaiseAnn's first dentist appointment and attempted to set my own, but I'm having a hard time finding a dentist that is open during the time that I am most likely able to find childcare--I'm sure this is a struggle for most moms. I will put this on the list for February as well-and I'll make Zach call his dentist.) 

How did you do this month on meeting any goals? I would love to hear! And don't forget to show up here Monday to see my new goals and to link up any progress or goal setting posts of your own! 

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

If You Don't Like Mushy Oatmeal--Breakfast Ideas for You

I don't like mushy or soggy things. I usually undercook my pasta. I ask for syrup on the side when I order pancakes or waffles. And I put a very minimal amount of milk in my breakfast cereal. I'm the same way with oatmeal. 

I love the chewy texture of oats, but cooking them just doesn't suit me. They become too mushy for my liking. Until now, the only way I liked oatmeal was an instant pack--never cooked in the microwave--water had to be heated on the stove and I would add minimal water (far less than the package directed) and stir and eat quickly. I couldn't let it sit for too long or it would go to waste. 

But I got very very tired of eating scrambled eggs every morning for breakfast and wanted some healthy alternatives. Oats have so many health benefits and I really wanted to find a way to enjoy them. Yes, I Googled, "oatmeal recipes for people who don't like mush oatmeal" and then I tried some. I also talked to my brother's girlfriend and she's the one that suggested overnight oats for me. Steel cut oats don't get soggy like regular oats so they maintain their chewiness overnight. Since I really prefer chewy to soggy, I actually just make the overnight oat recipes in the morning and let it sit for 1/2 an hour to an hour and then dive in--you may not like them so chewy.  

oatmeal recipes that aren't mushy

Even if you don't have a problem eating oatmeal, give some of these fun recipes a try and let me know what you think!

Smoothie Bowls

Strawberry Oatmeal Smoothie Bowl

How to Make a Smoothie Bowl


Hot Chocolate Breakfast Smoothie

Strawberry Oatmeal Smoothie

Overnight Oats

Overnight Cake Batter Protein Oatmeal

Peanut Butter Cup Overnight Oats

Do you like oatmeal? What's your favorite way to enjoy it?

Monday, January 25, 2016

Terrible Twos

Since JaiseAnn turned 2 a few people have warned or remarked about the "terrible twos" that are headed my way. Some ask if she's already started.

Does she throw fits? Yes. She throws fits when I don't understand what she wants or when she sometimes doesn't get what she wants.

Is she moody? Occassionally. No more so than she's always been...yet.

Is she mean? No. She doesn't hit or bite. She doesn't steal toys away from other kids really--and she's not mean to us. She doesn't overuse the word, "no" and she doesn't fight with us too much.

There are some things that I think are working in our favor--JaiseAnn is talking pretty well which means we can communicate with her pretty well. We compromise with her--she doesn't get her way sometimes and other times I don't get my way. Overall I just think she's a really good kid. Aside from her mostly (now) nonexistant sleep issues (bedtime is still a major source of anxiety for me and she does still wake occasionally but nothing like it used to be) she's a really good kid. We just lucked out.

Yet I know that there are probably some trying days in our future. She's cotinuing on a road to independence and I know there are battles to be had. 

I received some advice/perspective from a mom I very much admired long before I was pregnant. She talked about how she doesn't see age 2--full of fits and tantrums and meltdowns as a "terrible" age. She said, "I prefer to call them the tender two's."

terrible 2

While I think there are some people that might roll their eyes at this sentiment it struck a chord with me then--and it certainly fits for my tender-hearted daughter now. She's just figuring out her options, her opinions, and her emotions. She needs to be taught how to deal with those things appropriately and how to voice those feelings appropriately. 

I'm sure moving from baby to big girl has its moments of uncertainty for her just as much as it does for me. The transition may not be easy--as most never are. While I think there will be days where I will just want a long bath at the end of the day or that I will wish (and likely beg) Zach to put her to bed, I hope that I have more days with the perspective from her point of view. I hope to approach this age with patience and perspective. 

If I've learned anything it's that every season in motherhood is just that, a season. Most come with some pretty awesome highs and lows---like in marriage--and in any other relationship. I am not nervous about this age, we'll figure it out--I'm hopeful. (Now, that doesn't mean I may not come here for advice from my veteran moms when I feel I've exhausted all options or to just vent when it's been one of those days.) 

What are your thoughts on the "terrible two's?"

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

What Would You Do Wednesday (Link Up)

I'm so excited to introduce another link-up that I'll be co-hosting this year! What Would You Do Wednesday. For this link-up we are given a prompt

What would you do ________? Each month we fill in the blank with something different and share our ideas here. We might focus on fabric or something to craft with, we might focus on food and share recipe ideas, and we may focus on fashion and share some styling ideas--anything goes, though. It's all about getting creative and staying true to yourself. 

This month's prompt is: What would you do with an hour to yourself? 

This was hard to answer because my mind is filled with things I would do: watch a few episodes of a show I love while eating takeout on the couch all by myself, read a book, clean parts of my house, exercise intensely--maybe even at the gym, get a massage, pedicure, or haircut--the list goes on. The truth is, I don't have a lot of time to myself. I try to take at least five minutes a day (today that time is spent here--blogging) but I usually spend any (limited) extra time with Zach. 

If I had an hour to myself I would spend it in the bathtub/getting ready. Those are things that I absolutely love and really miss. 

Where most of my time goes--and I'm really (really) okay with that.
I would take a long bath with a bath bomb, shave, relax, and read a book (no phones allowed). After my bath, I would take my time putting on lotion, grooming myself, and getting ready--including jewelry, perfume, my favorite bra, and more. I love nothing more than getting ready and I just don't get the full experience very often these days. It would be perfect. 

I'm excited for the ways that this link-up might encourage me to get creative and even step out of my comfort zone from time to time. I'm even more excited about seeing the posts that link up here--to see all the different takes on each month's post. Make sure you're following me on Twitter so that you can hear what the prompt is in advance. (Also see the hashtag #wwyd ) 

Grab the code below to add to your post and link-up to tell us what YOU would do with an hour to yourself!

Grab a Button and Link Up

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Motherhood is a Prayer

Being a religious person, I turn to prayer often. 

I pray when I am grateful.

I pray when I am anxious.

I pray when I am in need of a blessing.

I pray and it makes me better. It builds my faith. It humbles me as I submit my will to my Heavenly Fathers. Prayer gives me opportunities to refine myself as I seek to change my heart. 

I've been a mom for TWO YEARS now! I really can't believe it. It feels like yesterday I laid my eyes on her beautiful face for the first time and experienced a love like no other. I experienced the beginning of change. Of a change in heart, self, and pretty much everything else in my world. 

Motherhood is a prayer. 

It is an opportunity to exercise and build faith. It is living in a constant state of gratitude. It is living in a constant state of humility and refinement. It is an opportunity every day to change your heart. 

I'm so grateful for the prayer of motherhood. It's changing me every day in millions of ways. I most definitely fall short, but I think that's the point. Because motherhood teaches me something else--something I've had a very difficult time learning and understanding:

Motherhood teaches me grace.

I have to believe in 2nd (and 3rd, 4th, to infinity) chances to be better and to try harder. I can see the love my daughter has for me--just for being there each day--even when I'm so imperfect. I can see motherhood offering me up a lifetime of grace--of chances and forgiveness. 

For that I am so grateful. The prayer of motherhood is the most spiritual conversation and conversion I've ever known. 

Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday Thoughts

Hi there Friday!

Did you know that January used to be the most hated month of my life. It's cold and dreary, the holidays are over, and the month is SO LONG. Imagine my surprise when I found myself due with a January baby. 

"Ugh." I thought. That's going to be the worst. On top of feeling gross and sad--I'll be battling extra weight and hormones and losing sleep. 

Turns out, I had a very one-sided view of motherhood, who knew? Yes, having a January baby was hard, but it was also awesome. We had something better than Christmas to look forward to right after Christmas--and she was the best surprise ever. Not just finding out she was a girl, but just meeting her was a surprise. 

And now, January's not so bad because I get to throw a party for one of my two favorite people in the whole world just over halfway through. It keeps my mind occupied and gets me possibly more motivated than I was. Last week was harder than this week, but this week was such a struggle. So here are a a few of the things I've been struggling with this week.

Party Planning--Am I a Bad Mom?
Okay, here's the deal. I love throwing parties--like a lot. I but I have the same equation for each party I throw: pick a theme, choose decor/food/favors to match that theme (or don't), choose 2-3 games or activities, shop (decorations, food, prizes, and favors), decorate, done. The party goes like this: mingle and eat, games (and prizes), cake, presents. Presents and cake kind of go together, but this year will be different because people won't have forkfuls of cake to shove into their mouth while JaiseAnn opens a mountain of gifts.

This little equation seems to work for me, but it's feeling a bit old. I got really self concious when Zach asked me if we were playing games with this knowing smile on his face. I was like, "Are my party games something people talk about behind my back?" And then it became a paranoia thing.

But this is the real kicker--I tried to make the party simpler this year. I chose to throw it at a non-meal time so I wouldn't have to cook for everyone. My mom is helping with some of the snacks. It's really just family (but we have a lot of family) and I still have a lot to be doing. And I know JaiseAnn doesn't care. I know she doesn't. She'd be fine with everyone gathering around for presents and cake. An hour--in and out--done. But I enjoy the party planning. At this stage in the game it's more for me than her and I feel guilty about that because:

She'd probably rather have her mom more present the week leading up to her birthday rather than her mom spending time labeling bottles of water "Toilet Water" whch she can't even appreciate. 

Also, will I always be this caught up in my own enjoyment of it all? Will I be the mom that doesn't realize she doesn't want a farm animal party and she actually wants a dreaded character party instead (please, JaiseAnn NO character parties?:) 

See, bad mom. All the guilt this week about it, too.

Waking Up
Our schedule has been way off. JaiseAnn is going to bed LATE lately. She normally goes down around 8:30 and falls asleep sometime between 9 and 9:30--or at least that's the way it was before the holidays. Now we're still struggling with getting to bed at 8:30. She's staying up late--9/9:30 and then sleeping IN. Yesterday she slept until 8 but one day this week she slept until almost ten. And since I work past midnight and sleep with her--I sleep right in, too. I know a lot of moms must be hating me right now--or shocked at my laziness-but I promise you I'VE PAID MY DUES in the mom sleep department. I'm reaping sweet benefits. 

Except the sleeping in is throwing me and JaiseAnn off. I almost think she's ready to give up naps. I always knew she'd give them up early, but I didn't know she'd start trying before she was 2-I figured 2 1/2 and she'd be done by 3. I wouldn't be surprised if JaiseAnn is done napping by June. But I could be wrong. 

I'm proud of the fact that I've exercised everyday, but I'm only averaging 7,000 steps a day on my FitBit and I need to GET MOVING. I also have been doing some pretty low intensity/low impact exercises lately. I know it's better than nothing, but I've worked hard in the past (do you know that even though I'm still holding on to extra weight-I have definition in my stomach that I've never had before?) and I don't want to completely lose my progress. 

To-Do List Obsession
And with the schedule thrown off, party planning, and the million goals I want to accomplish this year, I've been carefully creating my to-do lists each week/day. It's been intense and I'm really getting too obsessed. How do I find balance between being present enough to play "bus stop" with JaiseAnn (her current favorite) and time to get the things on my to-do list done? 

Ugh. I just sound as ridiculous as I feel. I will turn the corner in February, I promise. I always do. In the meantime, let me know if you have any advice or answers to any of the above! I'd love you for it!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Free At Home Workouts to Get Your Steps In

Right now I have a goal of continuing to meet my 10,000 steps even though it's wintertime. It's hard and I've only succeeded once this month, but I'm still working hard to get there. I also have a goal of daily exercise that helps me feel good and break a sweat. 

With the colder weather I've been trying harder than ever to combine the two. I've been trying to get a significant amount of steps in while working out. Anyone who watches their steps can tell you that it really isn't easy to do sometimes. 

Luckily I've found some videos you can watch on YouTube that will get you anywhere from 1,800-3,000 steps in less than an hour--and still leave you feeling good. An extra bonus is that most of these exercises are low impact so they are perfect for days where you're just not feeling so motivated--I've had a lot of those days lately. 

at-home low impact workouts

Fun 3 Mile Walk/Dance

So I'm just going to tell you right now that I LOVE KeairaLaShae! She's positive, she has a good time while she's working out, and she focuses on positive motivation. 

This 38 minute workout is definitely one of her lower impact workouts, but there are still some intense parts to it--you'll definitely feel it the next day and you'll break a good sweat. This workout claims to be three miles, but I've never registered that on my tracker. I tend to get around 2,500-3,000 steps when I do this one. 

Cardio Bootcamp Boogie

I also really like Jessica Smith. She never focuses on making your body fit a certain look or making changes for physical-she's positive and she doesn't reveal herself in her dress. She's seems classy. 

This 30 minute workout isn't as intense as the one listed above, but it's still intense enough to get your heart rate going and to challenge you. You should expect around 2,000 steps for this workout. 

Jane Fonda: Walking Cardio Workout Level 2

Jane Fonda currently gears her workouts to an older generation so they are very low intensity-even the ones that claim to be high intensity. These workouts will ease you into exercise and make you feel good about yourself. I love Jane's attitude-she focuses on all of the health benefits of exercise. 

This is a perfect workout for days when you're lacking motivation. Yesterday was one of those days for me and I did this while I spoke to my mom on the phone. You can increase the intensity of this workout by adding a pair of hand weights to do the arm motions with--that's what I typically do. You can expect around 2,300 steps after completing this workout. 

Do you have any at-home workouts you love? I'd love to check them out. 

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Chicken Zoodle Soup

I was gearing up for a Whole30 at this time last year. While I may not ever do another Whole30 I still am so grateful that I learned how to make healthy and delicious meals through that experience. (I may share more of my overall thoughts on Whole30 later---would anyone be intersted in that?) 

I discovered a lot during my Whole30 about how sometimes grains can make me feel. I learned that I actually prefer my hamburger without a bun (wrapped in lettuce or in roasted sweet potato buns) is preffered. I also learned that I enjoy chicken soup more when I leave out the noodles. It's crazy, but true. 

This recipe for chicken zoodle soup is delicious and filling. And best of all, it's super simple to throw together! It's a family favorite around here and it's become a wintertime staple. 

whole 30 soup recipes


 5 cups chicken broth (compliant if you're doing a Whole 30)
 2 cups diced carrots
2 stalks of celery chopped
1 cup frozen peas
1 1/2 cups shredded chicken (recipe for preparing the chicken in crockpot here)
4-6 small zuchinni (spiralized into "zoodles")
1-2 tsp Italian Seasoning
salt and pepper to taste
*optional 1 tsp of apple juice for sweetness (compliant apple juice if on Whole30)
*optional if not on Whole30-1 cup frozen sweet corn 

-Prepare chicken in crockpot and shred

-Put all ingredients in a pot, stir, and bring to boil until soup is warm and veggies are tender. 

*Note: You can add more or less vegetables (or broth) depending on your preference. This recipe  is really easy to adapt--you'll just want to add more/less chicken, salt/pepper, seasonings, etc. As you change the amounts. Play around with it to find the version that suits you best. 

* I personally don't find a need to add sweetness. I think it may be because I've added corn and the carrots have their own sweetness as well. 

Do you have any healthy swaps that you've learned to love? 

Friday, January 8, 2016

Catching Up

This week was rough. I really kind of despise the week between Christmas and New Year's. I feel so confused about what I'm even doing in life. I start questioning everything because everything I've worked hard all year to accomplish seems to come to a standstill in that week.

I have very little motivation. I have very little energy. I have very little discipline. And I just feel out of sorts. While I was sad for the family time (and break from school) to end, I was ready to return to my routine. But this week, the routine just didn't seem to return with the snap of fingers. I went to Zumba for the first time in two weeks (we all took a two week break) and I felt like I was working in slow motion. I was following the motions and doing everything, just more slowly and a little more dazed and confused.

The same went for my regular housework routine. It seemed to take me forever to get the dishes unloaded, or the laundry folded, or my bed made. Everything just seemed so hard. I honestly felt a little like I was on some heavy-duty medication this week or something. It was really frustrating and hard.

Yesterday, though, I felt like I could finally start to see the light. I got cracking on my to-do list--only to feel at the end of the day that I hadn't spend enough time with JaiseAnn. I get anxious when I don't feel that I've been present enough for her during the day. 

Before the holidays I felt like I'd finally found balance. Now I'm off to try to find it again. 

In the meantime I thought I'd share some highlights for life recently with you:

*JaiseAnn is talking up a storm. She is stringing anywhere from 3 to 8 or 9 words together. She seems to have a true desire to make her sentences longer and so she works really hard to add words. She is a super grateful kid-and our hearts are constantly in a puddle on the floor. She's just started saying "Tank To" (thank you) and she recognizes when she needs to say it on her own and it's killer. "Tank to mom for oranges." "Tank to dad for bath." The other night when I was laying down with her to help her fall asleep she said, "Tank to, mom, seep." I about died.

*Zach and I got some extra time together over the holidays as we took a bit of time away from work in the evenings (Zach has been studying for a big certification (two tests and a project) and of course I have my work usually). It was really nice and good for us and it helped me to prioritize what I want in the coming year once school is finished.

*I am planning JaiseAnn's 2nd birthday which is so surreal to me. The amount of change between 1 and 2 is unbelievable when I look back to this time last year. The change in me is unbelievable, too. I am keeping the party simple--just family--and I am really relieved by that. I still have some fun things planned, though, and I hope she'll enjoy them as much as I've enjoyed putting them together.

*Zach was able to work from home this week and that helped (or maybe it actually hindered) our return to real life and the regular routine. (We will have family coming into town next weekend and I'll be preparing for that, so I really feel like I won't have to face the music until we're more than halfway through January--and I'm afraid it might kick  my butt when I finally do.) 

*I'm having a really hard time posting here lately. Time is obviously an issue. I still have over 50 posts in my drafts, but they're not always complete and they don't always have images so they continue to sit. Some are really great and I'm excited to get them on here--when I have the time. That plus I've just been reevaluating my purpose in blogging lately, so bear with me as I try to get a grasp on schedule and purpose. 

What are some highlights from your life recently? Has this week been hard for you, too? 

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Our "No Regrets" Culture is Selfish and Destructive

I know it's really common place to hear people encourage one another by declaring, "No regrets!" People constantly tell each other not to feel bad or upset about choices they made because it shaped them into who they are and because they (hopefully) learned something from every experience. 

While I do feel that we can learn something from each opportunity, I don't necessarily think that means we should cover up poor choices with bandaid phrases like, "No regrets." Our "no regrets" culture has created some problems. 

quotes about consequences

There are undoubtedbly choices that people make that they should feel badly about. We should have appropriate feelings for the choices we made. I think the idea of having no regrets, only contributes to the evident downfall of our society. It takes away the idea of morality--it eliminates the idea of consequence. By not regretting things, it turns choices into learning experiences and diminishes the idea of right and wrong. It keeps us from asking the hard questions--like who will this impact? And how? 

All I feel our this does is teach people that ignorance and amorality are okay because they contribute to a personal growth/learning process. It's a selfish way to live. As long as I learn something from it, it doesn't matter how it impacts others, the environment, or society as a whole. 

I think that some people see the "no regrets" culture as a religious thing. They believe in forgiveness for sins because Christ paid the price and therefore they don't need to spend time dwelling on it. While I get that and see it's place. Most decisions we make don't require us to dwell on them. But I think we could all stand to take more time to evaluate our decisions and determine where they fall in line of right or wrong and why--rather than dismiss any thoughts on the matter with something like, "It made me who I am, so it's okay."

What are your thoughts on the "no regrets" culture we live in? 

Monday, January 4, 2016

One Little Word {Link-Up} January

Welcome to One Little Word--a new link up with Aubrey, Suzanna, Ashley, and myself. I am so excited about this link-up.

The first Monday of every month we'll be posting our goals for the month that revolve around our word for the year. We'll check in on our progress from the month before as well. It's a great place to find ideas for your own monthly goals, feel inspired to make progress yourself, and share in your challenges and accomplishments. We so hope you'll join us!

Here's how I'm going to MAKE January come alive for me and make myself, my home, and my relationships more of what I want them to be.

Like I said in my post last week, my goals will be set for each area--the 8 most important areas of my life or in the most need of attention. So I will set 8 goals--with maybe some additional ones. They may seem small, but they are just there to get me moving and focused on the areas that I plan to make changes in.

goal quotes

-Something above the TV (We've lived in our house for 6 years and the wall above our television is blank. Well actually it holds a small (too small) canvas that I painted for a project a few years ago and never finished). I know what I want there now, I just need a little help and I will get it done and up this month. (Bonus points if I get to it before JaiseAnn's birthday!)
--Sub Goals: Clean fridge, oven, and pantry


-Plan one fun thing every day to do with JaiseAnn--whether it be an outing or some inside activity. We have done this for the most part regularly, but our schedules just got messed up over the break. It's a little hard to venture outside but I want to feel fulfilled and productive as a mom and so I'm going to do my best to keep us having fun together--even when it's freezing cold and gross outside.
--Sub Goals: Throw JaiseAnn's 2nd birthday party (cry about that for a minute) and complete her two + baby books-print and order them.


-Zach and I are coming up on a very busy month for both of us. He's working on completing a certification -work and I'm working on completing my thesis proposal (on top of my other work/school responsibilities). On top of that, we'll have company in town for JaiseAnn's birthday. We are making it a goal to spend some time together every night--even if it's just fifteen minutes.
--Sub Goals: Date night every week-one of those to the temple.

Date Night
-I have a date night in mind that I want to do--it's an "at home" date night. I plan to post it before February once we've done it.

-Ponderize weekly. I will choose one scripture to study and reflect on each week. I was doing this right after General Conference and I have definitely not kept it up. I need to get back into that practice.
Sub Goals: Attend the temple and study one talk per week

-Finish (or come very close) to completing my thesis proposal and have my proposal date scheduled.
-Sub Goals: Look into other deadlines for thesis and put them (along with class dates, etc.) in my planner.


-Put budgeting apps on our phones and sit down and talk about our budget together
--Sub Goals: Apply for one job (from home) for next school year


-Get 70,000 steps in every week and drink enough water.
--Sub Goals: Set up doctor appointment for JaiseAnn and dentist appointments for our whole household (I've been really negligent about health/dental stuff since switching to Zach's insurance--simply because I don't know his plan. I actually have a plan for my work, too. I need to figure them all out and get appointments made. We don't need to go in January, but just have them scheduled.)

Now, here's what you do! 

There are no rules for this linkup--WOOHOO! Just link up your post below. It doesn't have to get posted today, but it can. We'd love it if you checked in on a few other posters--to make new connections and get some inspiration--but there are zero requirements. We can't wait to see what you're up to!

What is your word/motto/goal for the year? What are you doing this month to accomplish it? 

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