Monday, January 4, 2016

One Little Word {Link-Up} January

Welcome to One Little Word--a new link up with Aubrey, Suzanna, Ashley, and myself. I am so excited about this link-up.

The first Monday of every month we'll be posting our goals for the month that revolve around our word for the year. We'll check in on our progress from the month before as well. It's a great place to find ideas for your own monthly goals, feel inspired to make progress yourself, and share in your challenges and accomplishments. We so hope you'll join us!

Here's how I'm going to MAKE January come alive for me and make myself, my home, and my relationships more of what I want them to be.

Like I said in my post last week, my goals will be set for each area--the 8 most important areas of my life or in the most need of attention. So I will set 8 goals--with maybe some additional ones. They may seem small, but they are just there to get me moving and focused on the areas that I plan to make changes in.

goal quotes

-Something above the TV (We've lived in our house for 6 years and the wall above our television is blank. Well actually it holds a small (too small) canvas that I painted for a project a few years ago and never finished). I know what I want there now, I just need a little help and I will get it done and up this month. (Bonus points if I get to it before JaiseAnn's birthday!)
--Sub Goals: Clean fridge, oven, and pantry


-Plan one fun thing every day to do with JaiseAnn--whether it be an outing or some inside activity. We have done this for the most part regularly, but our schedules just got messed up over the break. It's a little hard to venture outside but I want to feel fulfilled and productive as a mom and so I'm going to do my best to keep us having fun together--even when it's freezing cold and gross outside.
--Sub Goals: Throw JaiseAnn's 2nd birthday party (cry about that for a minute) and complete her two + baby books-print and order them.


-Zach and I are coming up on a very busy month for both of us. He's working on completing a certification -work and I'm working on completing my thesis proposal (on top of my other work/school responsibilities). On top of that, we'll have company in town for JaiseAnn's birthday. We are making it a goal to spend some time together every night--even if it's just fifteen minutes.
--Sub Goals: Date night every week-one of those to the temple.

Date Night
-I have a date night in mind that I want to do--it's an "at home" date night. I plan to post it before February once we've done it.

-Ponderize weekly. I will choose one scripture to study and reflect on each week. I was doing this right after General Conference and I have definitely not kept it up. I need to get back into that practice.
Sub Goals: Attend the temple and study one talk per week

-Finish (or come very close) to completing my thesis proposal and have my proposal date scheduled.
-Sub Goals: Look into other deadlines for thesis and put them (along with class dates, etc.) in my planner.


-Put budgeting apps on our phones and sit down and talk about our budget together
--Sub Goals: Apply for one job (from home) for next school year


-Get 70,000 steps in every week and drink enough water.
--Sub Goals: Set up doctor appointment for JaiseAnn and dentist appointments for our whole household (I've been really negligent about health/dental stuff since switching to Zach's insurance--simply because I don't know his plan. I actually have a plan for my work, too. I need to figure them all out and get appointments made. We don't need to go in January, but just have them scheduled.)

Now, here's what you do! 

There are no rules for this linkup--WOOHOO! Just link up your post below. It doesn't have to get posted today, but it can. We'd love it if you checked in on a few other posters--to make new connections and get some inspiration--but there are zero requirements. We can't wait to see what you're up to!

What is your word/motto/goal for the year? What are you doing this month to accomplish it? 

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