Thursday, January 7, 2016

Our "No Regrets" Culture is Selfish and Destructive

I know it's really common place to hear people encourage one another by declaring, "No regrets!" People constantly tell each other not to feel bad or upset about choices they made because it shaped them into who they are and because they (hopefully) learned something from every experience. 

While I do feel that we can learn something from each opportunity, I don't necessarily think that means we should cover up poor choices with bandaid phrases like, "No regrets." Our "no regrets" culture has created some problems. 

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There are undoubtedbly choices that people make that they should feel badly about. We should have appropriate feelings for the choices we made. I think the idea of having no regrets, only contributes to the evident downfall of our society. It takes away the idea of morality--it eliminates the idea of consequence. By not regretting things, it turns choices into learning experiences and diminishes the idea of right and wrong. It keeps us from asking the hard questions--like who will this impact? And how? 

All I feel our this does is teach people that ignorance and amorality are okay because they contribute to a personal growth/learning process. It's a selfish way to live. As long as I learn something from it, it doesn't matter how it impacts others, the environment, or society as a whole. 

I think that some people see the "no regrets" culture as a religious thing. They believe in forgiveness for sins because Christ paid the price and therefore they don't need to spend time dwelling on it. While I get that and see it's place. Most decisions we make don't require us to dwell on them. But I think we could all stand to take more time to evaluate our decisions and determine where they fall in line of right or wrong and why--rather than dismiss any thoughts on the matter with something like, "It made me who I am, so it's okay."

What are your thoughts on the "no regrets" culture we live in? 

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