Thursday, February 11, 2016

I'll Be Back

I just thought I would stop in here in the space that I've neglected for far too long. I'm not really sure what's been going on with me, but I feel like I hit a breaking point this week...a breaking point that I have been on the verge of for about six weeks it seems. 

My plate is too full and I've gotten behind on the blog so generating content and promoting it and interacting appropriately on this space has started to overwhelm me. My current home/work from home/school situation is such a blessing, but it's not easy. Not easy at all. In fact, I have been dealing wtih some health issues as a result of my stress which isn't unusual but it is unusual since I started staying home. 

Add that to finding out some devestating news about our dog this week and I was waking my husband up at 1:30 AM on Wednesday morning for a blessing. After my blessing as I attempted to get back to sleep it hit me hard--I need to take some things off of my plate and I need to take a little breather and allow myself some breathing room. 

I'm home to take care of my home and all the people in it. I'm taking a month-long break from blogging. I hope you will all be here when I get back and I'll try to find time to read and comment on your blogs still--if you have them. 

I'm grateful for your understanding and I'll let you know when I'm ready to start sharing my thoughts and my life again. 

Monday, February 1, 2016

One Little Word-February--Link-Up

I'm so happy to be welcoming February! We are headed into the month where we celebrate love and things are pink and sunshine is just a little closer. I'm ready to crush some goals this month. I feel pretty good about how I did last month and I know what I can handle in terms of size/difficulty of these goals to MAKE 2016 what I want it to be.

I've been writing my goals down in the planner pages I got (and LOVE) from Brielle's FREE Print of the Month Club
February's Goals are:
*Decide on and buy curtains and hang them in living room. 
*Mirror and Knob for blessing gown to hang in JaiseAnn's room (starting to change up her room a little bit and decorate it a little more)

Sub Goals: Clean pantry and have Zach clean out his closet (our ward is doing a men's clothing drive for a local men's shelter and I'm so excited to have a reason to really make Zach clean out his closet!) 

*Get a routine for things like using the bathroom and brushing teeth for JaiseAnn--create a chart and follow through with it. 
*Plan 1-2 play dates where I invite people to my house
*Create manageable to-do lists each day so that I can be more present with JaiseAnn
*Valentine's Day crafts and have JaiseAnn give the Sunday thought on Valentine's Day. 


*Spend time together each night
*Do something thoughtful for Zach each week

Date Night: 
*Plan a fun date night and post about it on the blog (this will probably be each month's goal, but I'm keeping it here because it's important)
Sub Goals: Fancy dessert at home for the three of us for Valentine's Day!

*Ponderize and study one talk weekly
*Play gospel music more often

*70,000 steps per week.
*Plan each meal with intention

*Apply for at least two online jobs for the coming year and/or summer. 
*Propose my thesis. 

My favorite part about doing this link-up is that it helps keep you mindful of your goals for the year all year long. I hope you'll join us and link up with an update on how you're doing so we can cheer you along and encourage each other. If you've posted any kind of update recently, feel free to link it up--we'd love to read it! 

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