Wednesday, March 16, 2016

What Would You Do--March

Hi everyone. I have been absent from this space for over a month and I didn't even have the decency to do a catch up post. I know. My heart is still off and on about this whole thing and I'm still really trying to get on top of my school stuff. So Friday I promise to have a post up where I give you a few post ideas and you guys get to weigh in on the topics you'd like to hear most about. I figure, you deserve it for hanging around. 

Anyway, I'm back with one of my favorite Link-Ups--What Would You Do Wednesday. (This link up is with Aubry Zaruba, The Morrell Tale, Burke Does, and One Hoolie Momma).   Our March prompt was "What would you do with a pin from Pinterest?" Well, this is just right up my alley these days. Pinterest is my go-to for ideas for crafts with JaiseAnn, dinner ideas, and basically everything else. 

For this prompt I went with a craft for JaiseAnn. I basically am obsessed with fingerprint crafts and I try to have her make one for just about every holiday. I found this cute fingerprint Easter basket craft idea and thought it would be perfect for her. We've been reading a book about the Easter Bunny lately and she's a bit obsessed, so I thought she'd like the baskets. Plus, we're having an Easter Brunch type thing a week early with some family and I figured we could maybe frame it for decoration. 

I started with a hand drawn basket. I was going to have JaiseAnn color it in later but changed my mind. You'll see. 

I put a few dabs of different Easter-y paint colors on a plate--as you can see the yellow as a bit thinner than the other colors and it started running. 

I demonstrated using a finger to "boop boop" an egg onto the paper. JaiseAnn caught onto the "boop boop" part, but she didn't really catch onto the fingerprint part. We started with her letting me know each time she wanted to change colors and I'd wipe her finger off. Eventually, though, she just took charge and it turned more into a finger painting craft than a finger print craft. 

Of course I don't mind. I'll treasure this. Plus, this is her at her age and with her preferences and I don't really love it when parents show me crafts they made with their kids that they clearly made and put together and maybe their kid helped dab a bit of glue on it--it's just not my style. 

Have you tried out an idea/recipe/project from Pinterest lately? Share it with us and link up below. I can't wait to check them all out! 

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