Wednesday, April 20, 2016

What Would You Do With Pink Lipstick

It's time again for another What Would You Do Wednesday? A quick review--we're each given a prompt and have to share our ideas of what to do with it. This is a link up--so of course we'd love to see what YOU would do with pink lipstick as well. This month's prompt was pink lipstick

I wasn't sure what to do with this prompt. Just wear pink lipstick and get pictures taken of it? I opted for something else instead. I don't typically wear lipstick--I even talked about that in my About Me page.  In fact, I have a post in the drafts about lipstick alternatives for people like me. 

Lately I've been enjoying adding color to my lips when I get ready and I've been surprised at what a difference it makes-as I've always been more of a tinted gloss type person. I discovered Burts Bees Lip Shimmers and they have made a huge difference. The shimmer goes on easy-it's not chalky and adds color without being more bold than I'm comfortable with. The color I used for this prompt is-Peony. 

Wanting to do something different with my lipstick, I started thinking. I often drive the car that Zach uses for work when I go to class at night. Sometime (read: not often enough) I will leave Zach a little something to find in the morning on his way to work--a favorite treat, a note, or both. I decided to leave a note for him sealed with a kiss. I also added a little lipstick to the front of the envelope as well, just to make it fun and a little flirty. 

Lipstick notes are so fun! I hope Zach's note made him smile when he found it this morning. 

What would you do with pink lipstick? Link up with us!

Friday, April 8, 2016

Moms, How Do Your Kids Play Outside?

JaiseAnn loves to play outside! Most kids do from what I understand, but I am so happy she likes it because nothing makes me happier (besides my family and the gospel of course) than sunshine!

Our backyard is boring--in every sense of the word. There's absolutely no landscaping (hoping to change that LITTLE by LITTLE) and there are no toys. JaiseAnn has a water table and a few balls to kick around. That's it.

It's a little too cold for water right now, so we do rice in the water table and she loves that, but I have rice EVERYWHERE! I've been wanting to get some things for the backyard for her. We have a park in our neighborhood and we live near a school so we can use that playground almost whenever. I have no problems going to a park, so until I can afford the swing set I really want (which is almost two of our fairly modest mortgage payments) I'm not really wanting a swing set.

I like the idea of a slide, but I have been looking for ones that have a wooden rather than plastic base. Really, though, I want you guys to tell me your secrets. What are some other outdoor toys that I should get--especially ones that are not too expensive? What do I not know about? What do your kids love?

Monday, April 4, 2016

One Little Word: April Goals

I'm ready to share April's goals with all of you and touch base on how March went. I didn't post March's goals, so I decided that instead I will take a page from Brooke's book and do a DONE list and let you know what I accomplished in March.

I'm linking up with Aubrey, Ashley, and Suzanna. We'd love it if you linked up with any post that shares your accomplishments for March or new goals for April!

*Bought curtains
*Spring cleaning--one area a day. So far some big accomplishments include cleaning out under the sinks, cleaning our mattress, cleaning off the front (and side) of our fridge, wiping down baseboards, light switches, door knobs, etc. I still have a lot to do, but I feel good about what I've accomplished so far.

*I made time for Zach every night and we spent every weekend hanging out. We didn't have any elaborate date nights, but that was okay. I feel like I'm taking it easy on planning so much while we are so busy. Right now, just relaxing on the weekend is all I want to do.

*Did 2 Easter crafts with JaiseAnn
*Did Toddler Ressurection eggs with JaiseAnn to help her tell the resurrection story
*Made a treat (homemade pretzels) together one afternoon
*Took pictures at the temple of JaiseAnn in her Easter dress-she wasn't the most cooperative but we got a few gems
*Invited people over for 2 play dates-my goal this year was to MAKE things happen and so rather than waiting to be invited, I started being the one to invite--imagine that. It only took me 31 years to figure that one out!

*Attended the temple (first time this year--man, this took us too long to make happen)
*Started listening to podcasts on the Mormon Channel app again-I do this while making breakfast or dinner usually. It's so uplifting to bring such edifying media into our home

*Hit between 63,000 and 70,000 steps each week this month!
*Exercised 4-5 days a week and started doing online Barre or ballet workouts for strength trainin

*Proposed my thesis (for those of you that don't know how this works a brief summary is you write your first three chapters of a thesis, propose it to a committee, they approve it (hopefully) which ultimately approves your study, conduct your study, collect and analyze data, and write the final two chapters of your thesis, and then defend your findings--I'm thinking of writing a blog post about this when I'm all done because I had a really difficult time finding information about stuff when I started and I wanted a regular person to just explain the basics to me:) So my proposal happened and was approved. I still need to do ALL THE REST so you'll notice that I'll still be pretty absent around here.
*Started conducting my experiment
*Applied for 2 jobs


*Buy curtain rods and hang curtains (the curtains I bought were way out of our initial budget, but I loved we have to wait and get the rods. I'm hoping this month so it's going on here.)
*JaiseAnn's room
*Print off pictures from our trip to Seattle (before JaiseAnn was born) and Charleston (before we were married) to add to our gallery wall in the kitchen
*A print for one of 3 places in our house we want them.

*Make and hang bird feeders
*Invite for 2 play dates
*Finish JaiseAnn's baby books (seriously, this one is on here each month. I hope I can really complete it this month)

*Spend time with Zach each night

*Strength training two days a week
*Eliminate excess sugar

*Review Priesthood session of conference talks and then write up a schedule for studying the talks from May-October (more to come on this I hope)
*Continue listening to podcasts on Mormon Channel
*Go to the temple

*Apply for two jobs
*Finish conducting experiment
*Analyze data

How are you doing on your 2016 goals? Link up any post that is related in ANY way (really there are no rules) below. I promise to check it out and cheer you on!

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