Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Conference Study Schedule

In October we had our church's General Conference. It's always an inspiring time to set aside a weekend to just be filled with inspired messages and seek out answers to questions you have been holding in your mind and heart. I always--ALWAYS--find answers to my questions and this conference was no different. I am excited to study these conference talks over the next six months. 

For more insight into how I make and create my schedules to study conference talks, see here. I did change things up a bit this time around. I put all of my major talks first--the ones that answered the questions I had and inspired me the most--and then left the rest that were still good, but less relevant to me at this time at the end. Last conference, I mixed them all together, but I didn't like that arrangement because it left me studying a very inspirational talk right up to the next conference. I think next conference session, I will narrow to 10 talks to read for the 6 months between sessions, but this year I stuck with trying to fit as many as I could in. (I neglected both women's conference and the Priesthood session--as well as a few other talks). 

Week 1: God Shall Wipe Away All Tears-Schmutz--Heavenly Father and Jesus are keepers of promises.
Week 2: Gratitude on the Sabbath Day--Elder Eyring
Week 3: Abide in My Love--Elder Christofferson--God's love is perfect, redeeming, and everlasting.
Week 4:Valiant in the Testimony of Jesus--Elder Cook--If we elevate anything above the Savior we are looking beond the mark.

Week 1: O How Great the Plan of Our God--Elder Uchtdorf/The Doctrine of Christ-Ashton
Week 2+3: Joy and Spiritual Survival-Elder Nelson--The joy we feel has very little to do with the circumstances of our lives, but rather the focus of our lives. 
Week 4: No Greater Joy than to Know that They Know--Nattress-I will not lose you

Week 1: The Soul's Sincere Desire-Sister McConkie-When what we want is silenced by an overwhelming desire to know what He wants for us.
Weeks 2+3: Am I Good Enough? Will I Make It?--Cornish--President Hinckley taught, "All the Lord expects of us it to try, but you have to really try."
Week 4:If Ye Had Known Me-Elder Bednar

Weeks 1+2: To Whom Shall We Go?--Elder Ballard (Addresses the doubters of the church, but is somehow seen as an antagonistic message from those who are really struggling. I found this incredibly uplifting and it spoke to the soul of one who previously teetered on the edge full of doubts.)
Weeks 3+4: Come Follow Me by Practicing Christian Love and Service-Elder Hales--If we love the Savior more, would we hurt less?

Week 1: The Perfect Path to Happiness-President Monson/Sharing the Restored Gospel-Elder Oaks
Week 2: A Witness of God--Elder Andersen/For Our Spiritual Development and Learning-Bassett
Week 3: Repentance: A Joyful Choice-Elder Renlund/Serve--Cook
Week 4:Lest Thou Forget-Elder Rasband/The Lord Jesus Christ Teaches Us to Pray-Uceda

Week 1: Look to the Book, Look to the Lord--Stevenson/The Great Plan of Redemption-Sis. Reeves
Week 2: The Sacrament Can Help Us Become Holy-Meurs/Be Ambitious for Christ-Yamashita
Week 3: Re-study Talk of Choice
Week 4: Re-study Talk of Choice

How do you study your conference talks or other spiritual materials?

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